Bathroom Sinks

Better known to us as lavatories...we manufacture a high quality collection of glass sinks, vessel sinks, stainless steel sinks, vitreous china sinks and solid surface bathroom sinks. DECOLAV® offers the perfect combination of bathroom cabinets, sinks and vanities to fit your style. We also offer a wide variety of installations including undermount, above-counter, drop-in and wall mount bathroom sinks. Our stylish ADA Compliant and Compatible sinks are perfect for commercial or residential.

Classically Redefined Sinks

DECOLAV® offers a collection of high quality bathroom sinks in a variety of styles. Each piece is glazed and fired for durability. DECOLAV® sinks and vanities are perfectly paired with our countertops, drains and accessories.

incandescence Sinks

The DECOLAV® vessel sink collection, which is crafted from resin, offers a vibrant combination of colors and styles. This unique collection is not only eye catching, but it also adds a smile to your face every time you see it. Include one of these bathroom sinks in your design and pair it with DECOLAV® drains and accessories.

Simply Stainless Sinks

If you take the damage resistant vitality of stainless steel and combine it with stylish craftsmanship, you will be introduced to the DECOLAV® Simply Stainless® Collection. This collection includes drop-in, undermount and above counter bathroom sinks. Complete this vibrant look with DECOLAV® drains, accessories, countertops and bathroom vanities.

Translucence Sinks

Distinctive while standing proud or free-standing, this glass sink collection, made from thick tempered glass offers understated strength and elegance. Ranging in color and style, from elegant to contemporary, modern or traditional, these innovative designs will add flair to any bathroom design. Accessorize your new centerpiece with DECOLAV® drains and accessories.

Solid Surface Sinks

The DECOLAV® Solid Surface Sink Collection provides the perfect solution for any bathroom in need of a modern overhaul. This collection is comprised of three unique ADA compliant wall-mount consoles and a large undermount lavatory with overflow. Solid Surface is non-porous, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.