Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: My resin sink has scratches on the surface and looks dull. What can I use to repair the surface scratches and finish?

A: Resin lavatories are easily scratched, there is no permanent solution to resolve this, however, Pledge Wood Polish (any variation) will fill the scratches nicely, and this is once per week minimum recurring maintenance, not a onetime application.  We also recommend using Novus Plastic Polish & Scratch removers ( to clean and repair surface scratching and fogging from everyday use.


Q: The frosted finish has worn off of my vessel sink. What might have caused this?

A: The frosted surface of the vessel is a texture applied through a sandblasting or acid wash process. This process creates many tiny peaks and valleys giving the vessel the appearance of having a frosted finish. This texture cannot be worn off, however, if a substance such as silicone (used during installation) is applied to the frosted texture, it will fill in the tiny peaks and valleys causing it to seem as though the finish has “worn off”. 


Q: How do I remove silicone from my frosted vessel sink?

A: We recommend that you begin by taping off the affected area using masking tape. Next, carefully remove as much of the silicone from the frosted surface as possible using a razor blade. Follow up with any established silicone remover, which can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure to follow the silicone remover instructions to the letter for optimal results.


Q: Are your sinks ADA Compliant?

A: We offer a number of sinks that are both ADA compliant and/or ADA compatible. Please contact us by phone (866-332-6528) or email ( to review your specific application.


Q: Do you sell faucets?

A: At this time DECOLAV does not manufacture faucets, but please check back with us periodically as we are continuously developing new ways to innovate within the plumbing industry.


Q: I am missing Hardware; can you send it to me?

A: This is a rarity, but it does happen from time to time. If you are missing any portion of the included hardware listed in the installation instructions, please advise DECOLAV Customer Service by phone (866-332-6528) or email ( We will do our best to accommodate your needs quickly, so as not to delay your project.


Q: The push button on my DECOLAV drain goes down and does not come back up, how can I resolve this?

A: Drains require maintenance from time to time as a result of everyday use. DECOLAV drains are designed to make maintenance hassle-free. The umbrella top and push button assembly can easily be pulled away from the body of the drain to give you a clear view of the opening beneath them. Be sure to remove any debris or build-up present in the opening. Once the umbrella top has been removed, the push button mechanism will be easily accessible. Please be sure to clear away any debris or build-up from the push button assembly, then, reassemble the drain. In most cases, a simple cleaning will resolve the issue.    


Q: The push button on my DECOLAV drain goes down but comes right back up, how can I resolve this?

A: Over time it is possible for the spring within the push button assembly to come unhinged. This is a simple fix. Start by pulling the umbrella top and push button assembly away from the body of the drain. Unscrew the umbrella top and finished push button cover. This will enable you to see the brass push button mechanism where the spring resides. Carefully turn the push button assembly counterclockwise until it comes apart from its housing. Remove the small screw on the side of the brass push-button mechanism to separate the two halves. The spring should now be visible. You will notice a small hook on the top end of the spring. Insert the hook into the groove on the top half of the brass push button mechanism, replace the screw, and reassemble the drain. If performed properly, this will resolve the issue.


Q: How often should I clean my drain?

A: We recommend performing maintenance on the drain about as often as you replace your toothbrush.


Q: There are hints of blue and green in my crystal lavatory, why isn’t it completely clear?

A: The crystal lavatories do have a slight blue/green appearance; this will be most noticeable around the rim or deck of the lavatory. The crystal is created by removing impurities & iron and raising the lead content of the material. Increasing the lead content and removing the amount of iron necessary to create a completely clear lavatory would greatly compromise the overall durability of the piece and drive the price to unreasonable heights. Here at DECOLAV pride ourselves on offering high-quality products that you will not have to mortgage your home to procure.


Q: Do I need to use a mounting ring with my vessel sink?

A: The mounting ring is a recommended accessory and we highly encourage you to use it in conjunction with your vessel sink. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it will ensure that the vessel is properly supported on the countertop.


Q: A small pool of water collects around the drain each time the sink is used, how can I address this?

A: There are a number of possible causes. If you are using a DECOLAV push-button umbrella top drain, please ensure that the umbrella top is seated correctly within the body of the drain. Pull the umbrella top away from the drain assembly and look for a small nub under the umbrella top, now locate the notch in the body of the drain. Line up the nub on the umbrella top with the notch in the body of the drain and reinsert the umbrella top. This should correct the issue. Please contact DECOLAV Customer Service by phone (866-332-6528) or email ( if the issue persists.


Q: Are the lavatories in the Incandescence Collection made from glass?

A: Although they have the appearance of glass and exhibit similar visual properties, they are actually resin pieces made using a poly-resin blend.


Q: Where can I find spec sheets, installation instructions, or cut-out templates for my product?

A: Our website offers many resources. You can download the spec sheet, installation instructions and cut-out template for your product directly from the appropriate product page on Please keep in mind cut-out templates will need to be printed to scale.


Q: Where can I see your product in person?

A: Please use the Where to Buy link on the homepage to locate a retailer near you. A nearby authorized dealer will always point you in the right direction.