Cleaning & Care

DECOLAV® is proud of the vast range of materials and finishes that we use in all of our products to give you the quality and style that every bathroom design deserves. All of our products are easy to care for and require minimal attention to keep them looking as new as the day you installed them. Keep your new product looking fresh with these handy tips.


When installing your vanity it is recommended that you keep it out of direct sources of extreme heat (such as sunlight or a radiator) and extreme cold. Allowing this to happen may cause warping or cracking of the wood or the countertop. Also, it is a good idea to think about using felt, leather or cork pads under the legs of certain products to stop them from damaging wooden or tile flooring; it also isn’t recommended that you slide the product over such surfaces.


Dusting the pieces frequently keeps them looking smart. Remember to dust along the grain to preserve the wood’s distinct characteristics. Try to make sure you only use products that are made for cleaning wood, avoid using products that apply oily polishes, waxes or silicone as this will detrimentally change the finish of your product. If you are unsure of the effect that your cleaning product may have, try using it on a discrete location such as the inside of a door to test it out.

Immediate Care

For spills onto wooden areas or countertops it is best to clean them up immediately. It is recommended that you dry them off right away with a soft cloth to prevent water spots being left behind.

• DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN DRAIN. Over tightening of the drain can damage your DECOLAV® product.

• DO NOT clean the product with Detergents, Acid, Abrasives, Harsh Cleaners or a cloth with a coarse surface (S.O.S.® Pads, Scotch Brite® Pads).

This is good advice for any plumbing fixture regardless of material.

• DO NOT leave any cleaning agents other than water on your DECOLAV® product.

• DO NOT allow your DECOLAV® product to unnecessarily encounter other solid objects.

• DO clean your DECOLAV® product. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. If necessary, a general mild soap and water solution can be used. Use a mild furniture polish to clean wood frame.

• DO clean underside of your DECOLAV® product with mild soap and water ONLY.