Wellness Architecture for Your Bathroom

One of the hottest new trends in 2019 is wellness architecture. Wellness architecture goes the next step further from sustainable design, which might include items such as water and energy saving features, to addressing the physical and mental wellness of space’s occupants. Its focus is the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic impact of an area, and how people interrelate with their environment, in addition to how an environment can affect their well-being.

Residential real estate is the next border to be crossed in the push for better wellness, including wellness architecture, and there is an increasing desire to invest there, especially with the consideration of extended lifespans. In fact, it has been projected that wellness real estate will grow by six percent annually over the next several years, reaching one hundred and eighty billion by the year 2022. Buyers are overwhelmingly demonstrating that they are willing to spend more for healthier built homes.

Today, many people are looking for homes that will improve their health and wellness, in addition to offering features that ease their busy lives. Of course, in no place is this more important than in the bathroom, where people typically begin and end each and every day. Moreover, many people are rediscovering the therapeutic properties and benefits of bathing and spa time to their holistic wellness. Furthermore, many destination spas and wellness resorts are offering vacation properties and second homes for those wishing a complete wellness lifestyle.

The inclusion of nature in design, along with well-considered material selection, and intuitive design help harmonize nature and science. Expansion of light, consideration of air quality and the impact of color, along with the inclusion of organic finishes and patterns that mimic natural materials all play their part. These in combination with new technology, accessibility, ease for aging in place, smartly designed vanities, visually pleasing fixtures and finishes along with water and energy conserving features will be revolutionizing not only the way our rooms look and feel, but how they help us feel.

DECOLAV can help you achieve the therapeutic and healthful bathroom you want for your wellness lifestyle with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

Start your journey to wellness architecture makeover. If you would like more information about how DECOLAV can help you with ideas for your bathroom, please visit www.DECOLAV.com.