Tips for Home Improvement and Commercial Contractors

Written by Matt Muenster, Host of DIY Network's "Bath Crashers" and "BATHtastic!"

I wanted to provide some tips for my fellow home improvement and commercial contractors. While most contractors are trying to keep up with the shifts of the day to day operations, designers are presenting clients with a multitude of options. Of course commercial or residential clients want to stay within their budget when it comes to designing and rebuilding their bathroom spaces. To adhere to clients expectations, a lot of builders are feeling the need to dive in into the world of granite countertops  as an alternative to marble. Here’s how you can obtain contracting bliss with these preferred customers.

Become a design resource for your customer. What we mean by that is, show them the many new styles of either granite or marble in colors and textures found in many of today’s designer magazines. If you would like a countertop that is already built in to the vanity, be sure to check out products such as DECOLAV’s Montallegro® Vanity with White Quartz Countertop available for sale at  By showing your clients some of the more updated and innovative styles of today, you’ll be opening their eyes to a new world of possibilities. You’ll also find your job to be much easier.

Natural and organic styles are perfect for even the most discerning clients. ALT: If you keep the spa-like feel or resort aesthetic in mind, your client will feel uniquely valued. DECOLAV’s Countryside Vanity offered in 24, 36 or 60 inch conveys a modern farmhouse look with wrought iron hardware. This is particularly the case for the luxury markets.

Quartz is an attractive choice that leans toward a clientele who wants maintenance free performance and beauty. By presenting your clients with DECOLAV’s options that are similar to the styles found in magazines such as Elle and Coastal Living, you will be making their decision and easy one. The Ethanpoint ® from the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Collection offers clean lines and 30-inch Quartz Countertop that redefines streamlined design that is easy to live with, making every day more beautiful and refined.

DECOLAV also carries mirrors and vanities that are simple installs, like the Infusion® Suite crafted from solid wood, with built in lavatory and matching mirror and wall mounted shelf.  No matter if you’re just topping things off with a decorative mirror or you need a different cabinet to fit the countertop, DECOLAV has solutions.

By having the tools in your hands to solve any problem, you’ll look like a hero to your customers. Not only will you sound like a ‘super-builder’ you’ll also enjoy the streamlined process to offering your customers quality and affordability.