The Tao of the Bathroom Ceiling

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one can’t forget the ceiling. Like most people you’re probably envisioning what the end design is before picking up the phone to contact a contractor. If you’re thinking about tackling this project yourself, remember to look up and ask yourself, “Will the ceiling stay the same or do we need to skip it? In this blog we look to give you some inspiration for hanging something over your head, that’s useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Today’s bathroom space isn’t just a simple watering closet. Achieving peace and harmony,
attention to detail is necessary. Using a beautiful crown molding or even a hand-painted applique is better than everyday décor.

Some beautiful designs found in many of today’s top interior design magazines include wainscoting, wooden panels or coffered architecture. In more rogue bathrooms, we’ve even seen people using sheet metal. It just depends on the theme and what your budget may entail.

For a more sophisticated look, decorative ceiling tiles such as faux tin are not only attractive but can demystify frustration in covering up this part of the room.

Tiling the ceiling can be tricky. However, to keep the natural flow of the area check out places like Pinterest and Houzz for more ideas offering balance with your lavatory.

In some cases, wallpaper and stencils are great alternatives. However, the material needs to be done with precision since this is an area that tends to lock in moisture and humidity. Items like wall coverings need the proper type and amount of glue to stay intact for years to follow.

If your construction allows, why not consider a beautiful stained glass or natural light from a skylight can lend to creating energy and light in a most delightful way.

A bathroom possessing poise and grace isn’t just a place of peace and quiet.  This space allows great pride as you would any other room in your home. By opening up your imagination, you can meditate on the best ornamentation necessary for making your bathroom a temple of beauty and joy.

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