Succeed with Small Bathroom Style

Whether you live in a single family home or a luxury condominium, chances are you have at least one small bathroom, somewhere. This room tends to be the go-to spot for guests and quick visits, not camping out. Nonetheless, your home reflects your style and personality and this room should too. There’s no reason this room should be dull and boring. With a little bit of help, we can point you in the right direction for creating a bathroom that will make a statement that you can be proud of.  So get your designer hat on and let’s go!

Depending on what needs to be addressed first, a whole remodel may be in order. Often times people will replace the vanity and do a quick renovation for a fast update. However, make sure that your plumbing and electrical are up to date by a certified contractor. You’ll want to ensure the skeleton or the major areas of concern will work with your design. Once you’ve made sure that all the parts will fit in place begin designing.

Many of the trends for 2016 have included a contemporary, clean, and simplistic layout. Consider mixing and matching patterns with the same color scheme. But, don’t be afraid to mingle with opposing patterns using similar shades of blue, for example.

Tile can make a huge impact for what’s trending.  Subway tiles have become very popular over the recent months and you can find them on walls and flooring.  Vibrant pattern found on the floors will have a contrasting pattern for the walls. Another cool look to consider, use two different tiles in the same color for a little bit of contrast.

What you want to remember is to give this small space the ‘wow’ factor by building enough visually pleasing elements to make this room stand out, instead of being hidden.

We’ve seen a lot of trough vanities this year, along with free standing wall mounted furniture. These leave an impression of a bigger floorplan, and leave storage space underneath for decorative items.

Your countertop selection is vast compared to twenty years ago. Whether you go with marble or granite one thing is certain, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Try mixing colors and patterns or sticking to a more conservative look.

Next, think of using paint and color to tie everything together. Since water closets don’t need to have the same grade of paint as rooms with showers, think of using a semi-gloss or flat color for sheen. This year’s hue is primarily soft, subdued and minimize the whole look.

Give it a splash of metal. Bronze, stainless steel and gold have swept the pages of every home décor magazine this past year. This is an outstanding way to accent your natural ornamentation. Don’t forget the focal point of most of these smaller rooms are your vanity with mirror. The mirror should make a statement as it’s sometimes the only art work found in powder rooms.

Toilets today are not just a spot to conduct business. These can be a very serious addition, considering the commode is one of the most important features for your washroom. In some cases, a bidet may be in order. Additional plumbing might be necessary depending on the style and model for both lavatory and bidet. It’s best to check with your contractor or plumber for any additional plumbing fixtures.

With a splash of paint, the right furniture and décor this smaller room will go from a comfort station to a lavatory you can show off with pride.

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