Spring Cleaning: Your Renewed Bathroom

YAY! Spring cleaning is here! The spring season is a popular time for renewing your home, and it's a great time to consider how to bring a fresh new look to your bathroom. Start with a deep down cleaning, then spring for some new towels, washcloths, bathmat, and a shower curtain, and you're off to great start. They're a terrific way to add color and texture to a dull looking room.

Start Small:

Hang some art you love to add charm and beauty, and then add a plant or cut flowers, along with candles, lotions, or soaps in pleasing scents. Nothing says spring cleaning like fresh smells. Then, take a look at your bathroom and decide which of these further steps could help update your bathroom's style and function.

    -Paint can help any bathroom have a new look, whether it's a fresh white, a soft neutral, or a bold new color.
    -Replace or restore a vanity with new hardware and refaced or repainted cabinets, which can help rejuvenate an outdated bathroom.

-Take a look at the wide variety of sinks available at DECOLAV and consider replacing yours with a newer style.

-Add storage and remove clutter with extra cabinets, shelving, recessed medicine cabinets, and organizers. DECOLAV's Gavin Linen Cabinet will add storage and style!

-Replace faucets and showerheads in a finish you love, to add style and conserve water.

-Don't forget, light up the room with new fixtures and use LED's to save energy.

-Install a new fan to help remove moisture and odors.

-Swap out an old toilet for comfort, efficiency, and style.

-Always look at outlet covers to see if they are worn or cracked.

-Change the mirror to a more appropriate size, or more interesting shape. Check out DECOLAV’s lighted mirror and cabinets options to add functionality and design to the space.

Remember, just because the bathroom may be one of your smaller rooms, doesn't mean it shouldn't be a great room, and small changes can make a big difference. Like most things, a larger budget allows more flexibility, so if you can't afford everything you'd like, then focus on the items that will make the biggest impact.

DECOLAV's bathroom furniture harmonizes style and craftsmanship while maintaining affordability. We can help you with more inspiration and ideas on how to fall in love with your renewed bathroom this spring. To find out how, visit DECOLAV.com.