Small Remodeling Changes That Make A Big Impact

It's easy to change the look of your bathroom with a few simple changes. Updating and enhancing its appearance can add value, style and extra utility to your home. If a large scale remodel is unnecessary or outside of your budget, then here are some tips that can transform your bathroom.

If your vanity looks worn out, refinishing or repainting may be better than replacing it. If a new countertop is what's needed, there are many new, more affordable options including DECOLAV's Gavin Granite Countertop. Simply replacing the cabinet hardware can add a fresh appearance, and consider updating the faucet on the sink at the same time. Adding pull-out shelves and organizers inside can reduce clutter and annoyance when finding items you need. If you don't currently have a vanity, consider adding one to provide extra storage, and inset the sink off-center to provide more counter space for using your grooming tools.

Replacing lighting fixtures or simply adding brighter or more decorative bulbs can make spaces seem lighter and cleaner. Consider changing the mirror to something larger or more ornate. The right mirror can help reflect light and make the room seem larger and more open.
In the shower, adding a handheld sprayer can make cleaning and rinsing a breeze. Changing the shower head to a rainfall type can make it feel like a spa. Replacing the shower curtain makes things look fresh and gives you an opportunity to add a splash of color or pattern. If any tiles are broken, it may be possible to remove them and others strategically in a pattern such as a stripe. Replace those with a contrasting or complementary color of tile to add pop and save having to tile the whole area anew.

Changing towel bars and toilet paper holders are additional opportunities to refresh your bathroom. If needed, storage space can be added with new shelves and an updated medicine cabinet.

Finally, adding fresh paint or wallpaper along with artwork and accessories allows you to assert your style. Whether you choose to make your bathroom into a zen style retreat, a contemporary spa look, or a retro reproduction, most importantly have fun and enjoy looking forward to a beautifully refreshed room.

As the experts in both residential and commercial bathroom furniture and fixtures, DECOLAV® can help you change the way you view the bathroom. Contact us for assistance in adding affordable style and harmony to your bathroom.

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