Select the Right Vanity: 3 Easy Tips

One of the most important items in a bathroom is the vanity, and with the vast array of styles available today, it's hard to know which to choose. A vanity is more than just for storage, it’s a decorative furnishing and the space where you get ready and start your day, every day. To help you select the right vanity for you begin by checking out these guidelines.

Follow these tips to select the right vanity:

Tip #1:

Consider style, such as rustic, industrial, modern, contemporary, or natural. Click here to find your style. If you are doing a complete makeover then you can easily select the right vanity to suit you best, but if you are simply replacing the vanity, then it's important to ensure that the style of vanity you choose will harmonize with other aspects of your bathroom.

Tip #2:

Save money and time. Decide on a budget and find the best value within it. Buying a quality product that will retain it's beauty and provide functionality for many years can save money in the long run. In addition, choosing low maintenance, easy to clean materials can help you save time. Of course, a larger budget allows more flexibility to choose materials and design features.

Tip #3:

Determine the correct size and use. A vanity that is too large for the room can make it seem small and crowded, whereas one that is too small can fail to provide needed storage or the convenience of more than one person. For example, a double vanity in a shared master bathroom may offer less stress, as each person has their own sink and area to keep their own toiletries.

Considering style, affordability, and the space you have, can help you to select a bathroom vanity that you'll love to use, every day.

DECOLAV's offers a wide range of bathroom vanities in a variety of materials and finishes that harmonizes style and expert craftsmanship while maintaining affordability. We can help you learn what you can achieve within your budget. To find out how we can help you find the right vanity for your bathroom today, visit or call 866.DECOLAV (332.6528).