Save Money with Solar Tubes

Many of today’s bathroom designs are utilizing sustainable energy resources for things such as lighting, cooling, and heating. People are seeking alternative methods of saving energy and making their homes more efficient. Solar tubes are a new technology that not only helps you conserve electricity, and it can help save you money. In this blog, we highlight a few uses and why you might want to consider installing this global solution.

You may be scratching your melon right now asking, what is a solar tube? Solar tubes are tubes usually fitted to the exterior of the home extending to the interior of the home. The advanced technology essentially takes the powerful rays of the sun then utilizing LED lights and optical innovation to the point where they’ve discovered how to use the energy from the sun and repurpose for your household needs.

Many of the new companies today such as SolaTube claim their advanced features can save consumers up to 94% on their electric bills. Solatube also utilizes a Smart LED system that received the Energy Star badge for its ability to provide thermal performance in extreme warm and cold climates.

They use what’s called Sunsense technology which has been patented by Solatube. The advanced system auto-adjusts when there’s little light from the sun’s rays. Because solar energy powers it, the system will automatically adjust the daylight along with the LED lighting for optimum results.

Also known as a sun tube, sun tunnels, solar light tubes, and light tunnels, these devices capture sunlight during the day and then transmit to the interior of the home at night or when extra light is needed. Because of their energy efficiency, many states offer discounts and rebates on installation and using this alternative method for conservation.

If you’re considering using sun tubes make sure to have the following information: placement, the length of the tube and whether it needs to be rigid or flexible. These factors will greatly depend on whether or not sun tubes are right for you.

The best position will be facing the South where it will harvest the lightest. The length of the tube will affect how much light you’ll get in the bathroom. Shallow roofing works best as there’s less distant from the outside to indoors. Flexible tubes work best for shorter distances, and rigid containers are ideal for capturing the sunlight.

These can be DIY projects; however, since the technology is relatively new, we recommend proper installation by a professional for maximum results. Since you are cutting your roofing or the side of your house you wouldn’t want to void the warranty for improper installs.

Solar tubes can be an excellent way to light your bathroom or powder room while conserving energy, and who doesn’t want to start saving money?

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