Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

A bottle of bubble bath, and perhaps a bottle of bubbly, can help to both relax and lift the spirit this Valentine's Day. Nothing can relieve stress and wash worries away like a long soak, either alone or with your significant other.

Embrace Romance in Your Bathroom for Valentine's Day

All that's needed is a little planning for a perfect evening, away from the distractions of digital devices and outside interruptions. It's the best time of the year to show a little love to a cherished one or simply to yourself.

Your bathroom may already possess qualities that lend to its romance, such as a chandelier, fireplace, beautiful view, starry skylight, or luxurious fixtures. However, even if you have what you consider a typical bathroom, changing the lighting and décor, along with your special touches can make it your romantic getaway.

Start by giving the room a thorough cleaning until everything sparkles and all clutter is removed or stored. Next, step back and take a look around. Are the towels thick and fresh, is there a soft rug underfoot? If not, start by replacing these basics. If possible, add cozy bathrobes to handy hooks for after your soak.

Adding a vase of fresh flowers always makes a room instantly come alive with beauty and romance. Favorites for this day often include red roses and white baby's breath, pink carnations or lilies, or white orchids. However, if sunflowers make you feel happy and sunny or you love the aroma of hyacinth, use what you love. It's your day. If space is limited, consider a bud vase with one perfect rose for example, or scatter rose petals in or around the tub to provide glamour.

Flickering candles provide soft, flattering light and warmth, allowing your bathroom to feel more like a spa. If you have a generous bath ledge, line tall pillars or a row of votives along it, otherwise consider placing them on the vanity in front the mirror where the light will be reflected. Alternatively, hang lanterns or place them on the floor, filling them with either candles or small battery-operated light strands.

Ensure that you have essential bath products close at hand including bath salts, essential oils, bubble bath, soaps and loofahs. A pretty basket lined with a red towel or a glittery silver metallic container would be nice for this purpose.

Add some soft, relaxing music or a playlist of songs with special memories with some waterproof speakers, or simply enjoy a special time of peace and quiet. Think about what else might make this time more enjoyable, such as some fresh fruits and chocolates to nibble on. With a little creativity and planning, any bathroom can be a romantic Valentine's Day destination.

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