Pet Friendly Bathrooms: Design Yours

Approximately 65% of households in the U.S. own a pet, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to planning a bathroom remodel. Those who have four-legged family members love their animals, and also want to have stylish bathrooms that are fresh and beautiful. Be sure to make your pet friendly bathrooms stylish and functional. Read this edition of DECOLAV's Stay in the Know! to learn how.

Pet Friendly Bathrooms: All About the Furry Babies

Although a dog bath may traditionally have consisted of a garden hose and a pail filled with soapy water, many people now want to make a bathing area specifically for their pets. It is often ideal to place this bath or shower within a garage, walkout basement, screened patio, or mudroom, so they can be cleaned and dried before entering the rest of the house. An area with ceramic tile flooring is the most practical choice for pets, as it's basically waterproof and scratch proof.

A walk-in bath can be a good choice for large dogs and makes it easy to bath them. However, a raised pet-washing station may be better for small dogs. These designs can vary from a simple plastic molded shower tray to tiled spaces with glass doors depending on budgeting needs. Hand-held showerheads make bathing even easier, and adding a small lip around the edge can help keep water in.

Drinking Fountains

Since both dogs and cats will drink water from the toilet bowl, a simple solution can be to install a bubbler. Running water can keep dogs and cats away from the toilet by providing access to fresh, circulating water. Although bubblers or fountains may be installed in any room, a bubbler that is installed in the bathroom allows plumbing right into the water line, eliminating the need for watching water levels or tank refilling.

Space Saving Solutions

One simple idea is to utilize an unused bathroom cabinet for your cat's litter box. It keeps the litter box out of sight, allows them privacy, and by adding a small hole they can get in and out with ease. If you have both a dog and a cat, it can keep the dog out of the litter box. Additionally, cabinet space can be used for food dishes, keeping messes from spreading throughout the house.

When it's time to consider making your bathroom pet-friendly, DECOLAV can help. We can help you make your pet-friendly bathroom more beautiful, functional and healthful, and we care. In fact, DECOLAV is a dog-friendly workplace.

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