It’s Peak Wedding Season and Time to Think about Your Newlywed Bathroom

Married couples may share nearly everything, but sharing bathroom space can present challenges. Like a great marriage, when it’s right, everything is beautiful, works well, and is something you both can enjoy every day. Whether you’re considering renovating an existing bathroom, designing a new one, or simply making some small updates, we have helpful tips to make your bright future together even more harmonious. Peak wedding season is a great time to remodel your bathroom.

One of things many couples discover is that they may have different taste and style ideas. Keeping these differences in mind, it's important to design a room that you'll both appreciate. Rather than compromise, we suggest that successful negotiation is key to finding a solution that makes you both happy by blending your tastes to create something eclectic and interesting, yet still compatible.

Aside from style, several items when taken into consideration can make your bathroom provide more comfort and ease. When it comes to your bathroom, function must come before form. Make sure you allow enough space so people can move around, sit, or stand comfortably.

You can make the most of your space so that when it's time to get ready, or it's time to unwind, your bathroom time can become quality time. If space allows, consider ways to make getting ready at the same time easier and more fun including an oversized shower with dual shower heads, or a bathtub for two, which can provide both relaxation and romance for newlyweds.

Of course, when it’s time to get ready, two sinks are better than one. Consider dual sinks and double mirrors for more efficiency on busy mornings. As an added bonus, double sinks provide extra counter space and extra storage space below as well. When you're both trying to get ready and get out the door, this can give you each the space you need.

With your new marriage, you’ll likely have more of many bathroom items, including personal grooming products and tools, towels, and robes. You’ll want to be thoughtful and allow separate hooks for towels, and plenty of divided cabinets for toiletries. Consider small touches such as additional hooks for bathrobes, adding a comfortable place to sit, a sound system for great music, or even a flat screen TV.

Simply remember good communication is always vital. Remember that you won’t agree on everything, but that’s ok, take a look at different alternatives and find the ones that will work best. Using these tips, you'll both agree that sharing a bathroom with your partner can be joyful.

If you would like more information on how DECOLAV can help you make your newlywed bathroom more beautiful, functional, joyful, and harmonious, please visit today.