Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


It seems that today’s mirrors do more than just ‘hang around.’ These reflective pieces of glass come framed or free of any outside support. They come in a variety of sizes and style from old-world European to Contemporary and everything in between. In this blog we take a snapshot view of the how these wall ornaments can be decorative and functional. So grab a drink and let’s dive in!

Contemporary mirrors tend to be clean and geometrically shaped. These stay in line with the trending ‘minimalist’ look found in so many design magazines today. Consider resting an over-sized mirror against the wall to create more space with the reflection. You can also pair several mirrors together for a more eclectic vibe. Nonetheless, this style of mirror is great for a more modern décor.

Antique frames are another gorgeous way to liven a room. If you prefer more traditional styles, then this might be more suitable. Don’t be afraid to mix texture and color with this type of mirror. These are bold and handsome additions to any room that need to stand out.

Mirrors can be used as artwork and not just perform as functional fixtures. You can find a lot of great selections by visiting local art shows or visiting Pinterest, Etsy and Houzz. Find a piece that will reflect not just the person staring at it but your lifestyle too.

Natural finishes such as driftwood can make a gorgeous addition to a bathroom or living room. You can make one yourself or find someone who sells the naturally finished products. No matter where you find these types of mirrors they’re sure to impersonate the outdoors.

Mirrors can add depth to a small and narrow space. Be sure to select something that doesn’t overwhelm the wall and is hung with the correct hardware. Larger mirrors are a two-man job. To hang a mirror, make a template using a large piece of paper in the shape of the mirror. If you’ll be hanging this on your own, be sure to use this method to test where the piece will fit before drilling any holes.

In any event the mirror you choose for the space it’s going in should be one that makes a statement, is functional and is hung properly to give you years of use and enjoyment.

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