Small Bathroom Tips: Creating a Light and Bright Feeling

Even a small bathroom can be made to feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. In fact, lightening up can help a room be more inviting, relaxing, and can help make getting ready a breeze. Whether you are considering a remodel or simply making small changes, here are some terrific ideas.

Small Bathroom Tip #1

The easiest way to brighten up a room is with natural light. If your small bathroom already has a window, lightening up by removing bulky window coverings can make all the difference. Consider decorative textured glass or swapping to lightly opaque or bottom-up window shades to preserve privacy while still providing light and views.

Small Bathroom Tip #2

If the room doesn’t already have a window and it isn’t feasible to add one, a skylight or solar tube can channel light through the ceiling for a relatively small investment. Remember, good lighting is also critical for safety since the bathroom is where many older adults experience a fall.

Small Bathroom Tip #3

Today, there are so many lighting choices that can provide a variety of solutions for every need. Ideally, try to install lighting that is bright enough for any task, and also an indirect lighting source available for a softer ambiance. Take a look at areas where additional light may be desirable, such as within a shower or toilet stall. For lighting around a mirror, the best choice is typically at about eye level on either side, leaving the face without shadows that overhead lighting can cast.

Small Bathroom Tip #4

Carefully give thought to the placement of large mirrors. Plentiful reflective surfaces can help radiate light all around the room and off of other shiny surfaces. Add luxurious elements in fabulous metallics whether in fresh silver, gorgeous gold, or antique brass or bronzed mirror frames and fixtures for even more reflective area.

Small Bathroom Tip #5

Choosing the right color scheme can make a big difference. Whites or creams look fresh, light, and cheerful and allow natural light to bounce around the room. A small pop of color can enhance this clean look with a dose of cheer. Let the minimalism in a contemporary space or great architectural details add visual interest.

The idea is to create a uniform appearance for the eye to extend its vision rather than be interrupted by changes in texture, color and shape. This can be accomplished through various methods. A monochromatic color scheme such as all white, including the ceiling, makes a room appear brighter and visually uninterrupted.

Small Bathroom Tip #6

Using the same tile on the floor of a shower as the floor of the room, and then placing a glass partition instead of a shower door or curtain is an especially effective way to achieve this. In addition, it helps if the tile in the shower extends all the way to the ceiling rather than being visually broken by stopping short.

Small Bathroom Tip #7

When a small bathroom creates limited space, it's possible to maximize its utility while making it feel more spacious. Some simple changes can help you achieve this. Using either a corner sink or pedestal sink with an open shelf below it, can conserve foot space and create a more open feel rather than using a traditional vanity. Additionally, wall mounting the faucet allows for the utilization of a narrower sink. Keep it airy with glass shelving or by using recessed shelving in the shower, or placed between studs in the wall, allowing more storage space without giving up square footage or creating obstacles.

Having a professional work with you to provide advice and options can make planning easier. As the experts in both residential and commercial bathroom furniture and fixtures, DECOLAV can help you add affordable style and harmony to your bathroom.

If you would like more information on how DECOLAV can help you make your small bathroom into a lighter, brighter feeling room, please visit today.