How to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out with Marble Tile

57bb2dab1e906thumbnailIn today’s bathroom designs, tile has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only is this a functional material, it can beautify any bathroom with clever detail. If you want to create space that’s not only useful, but also unique, keep on reading!

Marble tile transcends time with its natural beauty. Marble imported from Carrara, Italy, is not only elegant it’s beautiful in almost any shape or application. From the Herringbone to the Hexagon, using marble in your interior design leaves you with a multitude of options.

Marble tile chair rail and baseboards are additional ornaments that add to any layout. The benefit to this type of material versus a painted wood is the maintenance is more efficient. You can easily wipe down the tile with a moist sponge, whereas things like wooden baseboards will scuff and eventually need to be repainted. Another key point is if someone runs into tile with a vacuum it most likely won’t break.

Marble tile is a sturdy and durable material. While many people try to discourage the use of this type of construction, because of sealing, cleaning and it is a porous surface, it remains a favored choice amongst many luxury properties.

Both contractors and designers will pre-warn you to take special care of your tile. However, using a mild soap and water to wash it down is just fine. Just be careful not to leave drinks as it could leave a mark.

If the maintenance isn’t an issue for you then research this luxurious stone for a clean but stunning appeal. The veining and mysterious patterns nature creates is striking for any bathroom large or small.

One thing to note is how versatile this tile can be. Marble compliments almost any style from contemporary to traditional. This surface can also pair nicely with a variety of other coverings such as wood, brass, ceramic.

If you’re looking for a bathroom design that will blow away your guests, marble is definitively an appropriate choice.

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