How to Know It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Written by Kaitlin Krull, Home Improvement Leads

When it comes to home renovations, certain rooms seem to take priority over others. While updated kitchens and living spaces take precedence, bathroom and bedroom remodeling projects are often put off, leaving these spaces outdated and no longer fit for purpose. If you’re in the mood for a home improvement project but are unsure whether your bathroom should make the list this time around, here are a few telltale signs that will let you know whether it’s time to remodel your bathroom.

Outdated furniture and fittings

DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection AvalynIf it’s been years since you’ve remodeled your bathroom, or if you never got around to changing out any outdated features when you moved in to your home, then it’s probably time for a change. Switching out old fixtures and fittings on your sink and bath/shower is super simple and relatively inexpensive. Larger remodeling jobs such as new vanities, sinks, toilets, and baths take longer and cost more than superficial makeovers, but can completely transform your bathroom into one of the most stylish rooms in the house. At Home Improvement Leads, we particularly love the clean lines of the ultra modern and minimalistic Avalyn Wall Mounted Vanity from DECOLAV’s Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection.

Broken or damaged parts

Simply Stainless 1228When homeowners prioritize bathroom remodels, it is often because portions of the bathroom interior have become broken or damaged from continued use. If your bathroom has seen better days and now has broken tiling, drawers, or mirrors or clogged drains (to name just a few potential issues), a renovation job is definitely in the cards. Choose sleek, sophisticated stainless steel sinks and lavatories like the Simply Stainless Round Above-Counter Stainless Steel Lavatory to elevate your bathroom style to a professional standard. Finish off your remodel with high quality drains and accessories that will stand the test of time and give you the kind of performance your bathroom needs.

No longer fit for purpose

DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive CollectionSometimes, whether your furniture and accessories are damaged or outdated or not, it becomes apparent that your bathroom is simply not accommodating the needs of you and your family. If your bathroom is too big, not big enough, or lacking in accessibility or storage, you will probably need to think about remodeling. While large scale renovation jobs such as knocking down walls and installing wet rooms or larger, accessible bathtubs will require professional consultation and help, there are straightforward ways to solve other bathroom requirement issues. Customizeable vanities like the Malena Falls Vanity, also from DECOLAV’s Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection, come with extra storage both next to and underneath the integrated quartz sink—and they look pretty spectacular at the same time.