Making Kids Bathrooms Back to School Ready

It's that time of year when parents are getting kids ready and out the door every morning. Off to school, hopefully before the school bell rings! They've laid out school clothes, and packed lunches and supplies... but getting the kids ready in a timely fashion? When kids bathrooms have a less than optimal setup, It can be a challenge.

There are many solutions offered by parents and professionals, however, one of the easiest ways to help your children help themselves this year is by making the kids bathroom organized, easily accessible, safe, and, of course, fun!

Kids Bathrooms Solutions for Getting Back to School Ready

If you have children who share a bathroom, putting in a double vanity or two sinks can make time in the kids bathroom twice as quick and easy. A wall-mounted sink allows room for a step stool underneath it,. You can also install a pop-out step under the vanity. DECOLAV Infusion Vanity is the perfect combination of a wall mount with storage for a kids bathroom.  Additionally, choosing sinks with deep basins can help prevent spills and splashes.

Keep toiletries organized, out of sight, and easily accessible with drawers under the vanity. Another great option is DECOLAV’s Aura Vanity available in three sizes. Make sure to put low towel bars or hooks within easy reach for them to grab and hang towels. Install adjustable showerheads that can be lowered for small children. Remember to raise as they grow, allowing the kids bathroom to change as they do.

Remember, small feet can slip easily on large tiles. It’s a good idea to use small tiles with lots of grout lines to reduce accidents in kids bathrooms. Drain and faucet covers are important safety features to add. They help keep kids from hurting themselves on sharp metal edges or accidentally turn on hot water.

Encourage Kids to Participate in the Kids Bathroom Design

Encourage them to enjoy their get-ready time by using colorful, happy décor. Involve your kids by asking them to consider the colors and décor themes they enjoy for this important area. Then, examine ways to use these elements in kids bathrooms. They can easily be changed as your children grow and their tastes change.

When Children Share a Bathroom

When you have more than one child who shares a bathroom, consider designating an aspect of the design per child. For example, one for color, and one for theme. Incorporate simple items, such as adding colorful towels, a fun shower curtain, painting the room and changing hardware. In fact, simply adding a youthful or brightly colored frame around kids bathroom mirrors can make tooth-brushing more fun.

Simple Ideas Can Go A Long Way

A little planning with these simple ideas can help your child be more self-sufficient. Such exercises lead to increased confidence. Imagine growing up having a bathroom you helped design. Provide more joy and less stress for everyone by turning their get ready routines into something they can look forward to doing in their own special spaces.

Whatever vision you and the kids come up with, DECOLAV can help achieve it with our quality styling and expert engineering. We can provide innovative solutions for kids bathroom designs with their unique visions in mind.DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most specific tastes.

DECOLAV's experts specialize in both residential and commercial bathroom furniture and fixtures. We can help. Contact us today for assistance in adding affordable style and harmony to your bathrooms.

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