Holiday Houseguests Prep Guide

Spending quality time with family and friends is at the very heart of the holiday season. When holiday houseguests are coming, it’s a pleasure to feel confident as a host who will help them feel welcome. With just a little planning and preparation it’s easy to make a wonderful impression and help your holiday houseguests to feel both happy and relaxed this year.

The Basics: Holiday Houseguests

Remember, it’s often the little things that make a big impact, but don’t forget the basics.  The most vital step is to ensure that your bathroom is thoroughly decluttered, clean, and shining. Although a routine quick cleaning may be enough most of the time, when holiday houseguests will be staying, consider whether a deeper cleaning may be needed. It may even be a great time to treat yourself and hire a cleaning service to help if you're short on time or energy.

Freshen It Up: Holiday Houseguests

Next, holiday houseguests appreciate when you freshen things up by switching out that old shower curtain, bath mat, towels and wash clothes for fresh new ones. Look for thick, soft items in a different color for each guest, helping everyone to easily identify their own. Then, provide pleasing scents by setting out candles, soaps, or potpourri. Adding a small vase of fresh flowers can instantly add a pleasing aroma, beauty, and color.

Look around and ensure that the room is well-lit or consider providing an illuminated magnifying mirror. When space allows, a small trash can and handy laundry hamper can allow them greater convenience. Store a hair dryer and styling tools under the sink and have a plunger and scrub brush readily available for their use if needed.

Stock Up: Holiday Houseguests

Lastly, stock up with items that a guest might need or have forgotten to pack including toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, cotton balls, extra rolls of toilet paper, and feminine supplies. Provide bath and shower essentials such as a neutral-smelling body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a gentle facial soap.

To go the extra step, consider changing the showerhead for a rainfall type or massaging one for tired travelers. Add luxurious spa products like bath salts, body scrubs and lotions and hang a fresh, clean robe on a hook for after-bath comfort.

If your holiday houseguests include children, they will be delighted to find a small pail or other containers with a few bath toys, bath crayons, and perhaps an after-bath wrap. Just keep in mind that the key to helping your holiday houseguests feel special is simply a little hospitality, a welcoming attitude, and a few extra touches here and there.

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