Going Green: Tips for an Eco-friendly Bathroom

This St Patty’s Day is the perfect time to think about going green! Making your home eco-friendlier is not only good for the planet, but it’s also better for your health. Moreover, it’s becoming increasingly vital to do so. Producing fresh water and electricity takes energy and reducing energy and water consumption are at the very core of caring for the environment and going green.

Additionally, taking small steps to consume less and using products that will cause minimal harm can make a big impact. Making simple changes such as using energy efficient products, natural cleaners and toiletries can also reduce the burden.

In fact, the bathroom is one spot in the home where water and electrical use can easily be reduced, and toxic chemicals can be replaced with more natural solutions.  Here are our simple tips to going greener in your bathroom:

Going Green Tip #1

Add more natural light with energy-efficient windows and skylights. Switch to LED light bulbs and turn off the lights when they’re not in use.

Going Green Tip #2

Fix any leakage and save water by changing to low-flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads. (With today’s modern aerated showerheads, you don’t have to give up good water pressure).

Going Green Tip #3

Save water and energy consumption with a tankless water heater. Rather than storing heated water, it only heats what’s needed.

Going Green Tip #4

Install energy efficient vent fans to save electricity while reducing moisture and mold.

Going Green Tip #5

Whenever possible switch to green toiletries, looking for organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and fair trade labeling to avoid harmful chemicals and support ethical business practices.

Going Green Tip #6

Instead of using bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemical products to clean, choose a more natural way. Try vinegar, baking soda, lemon, essential oils, or choose green-friendly cleaning products.

There are numerous other added benefits to choosing a greener lifestyle. When you use less energy and water, you’ll save money on those bills. It could also significantly boost the overall value of your home as many new buyers will appreciate the perks should you ever sell your home.

Aside from enjoying a healthier lifestyle, improved health habits may mean reduced spending on insurance and medical bills. Of course, ultimately, you’ll be contributing to a cleaner, brighter future for your children and for the generations after.

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