What Everyone Ought to Know About ADA Compliant Sinks

*In a recent article featured in the Durango Herald, a number of lawsuits had been filed by a Florida man regarding ADA compliance. An ADA tester found up to seven mom and pop shops in Colorado with several issues. Noncompliance was found from bathroom counters to the soap dispensers that weren't handicap accessible. In this blog we uncover a few items everyone ought to know to stay in good standing with the government and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read on!

This blog focuses more on restroom sinks, where anyone serving the public must be aware of. The news article found in the Durango Herald comments that most of the time, these smaller businesses haven’t a clue what they should be doing. Here’s a few of the facts:

Single user bathrooms must be 30 to 48 inches to access the sink. So if a door swings too far and prevents this much clearance, it will not pass. A person’s feet must have at least 9 vertical inches and up to 27” for a person clearance for their knees. If a wheelchair doesn’t fit this could mean a violation could be issued.

Height for these sinks must be 34” from the ground. The sink must also be at least 30” wide and can accommodate a depth of 11-25”. The pipes need to insulate and again far enough away that the person can maneuver items such as a walker or some other aid.

The faucets need to be readily accessible with the touch of a hand. Electronic and touch systems are good as these items are don’t require twisting or turning the wrist. If the faucet can be operated by using less than 5lbs of pressure to easily turn on and off, then it should be acceptable.

If you have multiple bowls, then at least one needs to be ADA compliant to pass the requirements. The surfaces to the sinks must be durable and repairable. Another rule is the sink needs to be clear of any microbes or places where germs and bacteria are prevalent.

By ensuring your sinks are installed with proper dimensions, you’ll be protecting your business.  You'll also avoid unnecessary lawsuits. More importantly, your guests will return if they’re not faced with a struggle of some sort during their visit.

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