Dream Destination Bathroom

If taking days off from work, limited cash, or limited time make it difficult to get away, there's no reason not to give yourself a break at home. The trick is in the planning and the prioritizing of your expenditures to savor special treats. You can easily retreat from the outside world and ditch your usual routines by choosing to follow one or more of these ideas to create your dream destination bathroom.

Begin by sweeping away the everyday junk and clutter and give yourself the gift of a clean, fresh room. If your budget allows it, consider having a housecleaner come in for a great spring clean. Next, give your room a makeover by changing the décor temporarily to reflect your destination. You can make the room feel like you're at the beach or snowy peaks, like you're surrounded by a rainforest, in the woods, visiting a favorite cityscape, or anywhere you can imagine. Your dream destination bathroom can be made easily with these ideas below.

Use beach towels, coconut scents, and dishes of seashells for a little sea and sand touch. Hang art or posters with snow scenes and glittery silver candles along with thick white towels to bring the ski slopes to you. French lavender scented soaps or candles on a pretty mirrored tray may transport you instantly, no passport needed. Regardless of the dream destination bathroom you had in mind, if the budget allows, splurge on some plush new towels and a luxurious bathrobe.

Bring the outdoors inside with plants or fresh flowers, which you may find at a farmer’s market or garden center. Just bringing greenery or blossoms into the room can make it a more visually alive and a more pleasurable place to be, in addition to providing the benefits of air freshening.

Don't forget to create a relaxed ambiance with a set of candles, some quality bath products, and a big pitcher of spa water made with slices of cucumber, lemon or lime, or fresh mint. A little music can give you a big mood boost, so treat yourself to some you love. Your dream destination bathroom is that much closer.

Any time of the day is a good time to treat yourself special. Consider starting the day in a leisurely manner with a cup of coffee, glass of fresh squeezed juice, and a continental breakfast tray while you soak. Alternatively, spend an evening watching a good movie while taking a warm bubble bath, which can be either the perfect me or us time. Add some nibbles such as chocolate dipped strawberries with a glass of bubbly for a special treat.

Consider extra stress relief by hiring a massage therapist to come to your home, or by practicing yoga or mediation to make it a fabulous spa experience without ever leaving. For a budget friendly idea, round up any items such as a facial mask, body scrub, essential oils, and eye mask, and then devote some time to making yourself both look and feel great. In fact, with your imagination, your bathroom may just become your favorite destination.

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