Designing The Ultimate Masculine Bathroom

A man's bathroom sets the tone for both the open and close of his day. It's an important space where he should feel comfortable and at his best. A masculine bathroom is not only handsome, but functional also, when it's designed properly. It may be industrial, modern, minimalist, retro, or Zen, but it should always look amazing.

When you think of a masculine space, you generally visualize something dark, which can be terrific, but there are many ways to make a bathroom manly without using black. All strong, dark colors reflect dramatic and bold feelings. A red wall is always a bold statement and can create a background for a neutral vanity and shower. A dark blue or deep green accent wall against a vanity of dark wood can add an outdoorsy and masculine feel, and the wood cabinets can add a touch of warmth in an otherwise dark environment. Still, a black and white color scheme, or black and gray combined, are classically masculine. The Brockston® from the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection combines masculinity and modernization with sleek finish and lighted mirror.

Industrial elements can make any room more masculine. For an industrial touch, consider sleek cabinets, chrome fixtures and technological items including a wall-mounted flat screen tv, and use construction materials such as corrugated steel or concrete for the walls.

If you like ruggedness, use exposed stone. To add a rustic feel, consider using exposed stone in combination with rough wood finishes. Stone tiles on floors with rough wood decor are always manly.

Or, give your bathroom the feel of a men's club by adding a lounge area, provided you have the space. Add a leather armchair, a vintage light fixture and a few antique décor items for a stylish and sophisticated area.

Choose creative lighting fixtures or use natural light in a creative way to make the most impact. Consider combining different types of lights such as pendants above the sink and spotlights in recessed areas.

Well-organized bathroom storage is just as important for a man's bathroom as it is for a woman's. Fill shelves with rich, dark towels and dark hued bathroom accessories for a masculine look. Add a polished finish with framed wall art to complement the style you choose, for example geometrics for modern, or vintage for the lounge area.

Whatever style you choose, DECOLAV can help you achieve the look you want with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design.

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