Creating an Outdoor Pool Bathroom

Having a swimming pool allows for so many opportunities to create fun experiences and for entertainment, connecting with friends and family in a meaningful way. Although a pool is a terrific place to bring people together, it can bring challenges also. One of these is the great bathroom dilemma. Get started and create your own outdoor pool bathroom.

Where can everyone conveniently go to shower off sunscreen, change clothing, or take a bathroom break that doesn't involve dripping water through the house and the accompanying chances for accidents with wet floors? The answer is, of course, an outdoor pool area bathroom.

A pool bathroom can be many things, so the first things to consider are who will use it and what are their needs. If a swimming pool is regularly filled with children, then it's easy to imagine a kid-friendly design might be called for. However, an entirely different concept might be desired to create a spa-like rejuvenation room for a home that caters mostly to adults.

Most importantly, an outdoor bathroom should always be safe, easy to clean and maintain, and stylish. Depending upon the size of the area, a pool bathroom can provide many functions. This might include either an indoor or open-air shower or even a garden view tub. Imagine the relaxing effect of enjoying a bath overlooking the shimmering water and the surrounding greenery.

If space allows, a bench or seat can make changing clothes easier. Assist bars can help with safety, especially for the elderly or those with disabilities. Added shelving can provide extra storage for towels, sunscreens, and lotions.

If space is limited, a wall-mounted or pedestal sink can be a space-saving option. Additionally, rows of hooks can create a great place for hanging wet towels and swimsuits after use. In fact, there are nearly endless styles and designs to create an outdoor pool bathroom that's right for your home.

Adding a bathroom to your pool area can provide a spa-like escape for you to relax and reduce stress or can help to remove the anxiety of providing a space for friends and family to enjoy without the wear and tear on your home or the added concern for their safety.

Whatever your style, DECOLAV can help you achieve the look with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

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