Cool Summer Bathroom Style

Each new season brings us the inspiration to freshen our homes. The four seasons vary significantly in their traits and character, and fresh changes within a home can brighten your mood. As every season brings its own beauty, and summer temperatures typically increase to the hottest of the year, summer bathroom styles should be ultra-cool. Use candles, towels, and plants to add fresh scents and pops of color. Bright colors will bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home. These are a few of our seasonal ideas to find your summer bathroom style.

Easy Summer Bathroom Style Ideas

#1 Paint

Make a splash with Mediterranean colors that echo the sea and sky. Use cobalt blues, dusky lavenders, earthy terracottas, and ochre yellows. Add the soothing sound of a tabletop fountain, and soft ocean scented candles.

#2 Add Plants

Go tropical using vivid palm frond green shades, punctuated with splashes of papaya, and pineapple. Add some easy, low-light plants with bold, dramatic foliage.

#3 Choose Natural Pallettes

Choose a soothing natural palette influenced by Mother Nature. Consider pale sand colored walls, rough wood finishes, and the look of smooth river rocks.

#4 Spruce it Up

Key West soft, fresh pastels with white trim accents will be sure to keep it cool. Make it elegant with white orchids and tealight candles.

#5 Citrus Colors

Bright citrus colors like tangerine orange, lemon yellow, and lime green are sure to stimulate feelings of energy, happiness, and optimism. Add citrus scented candles and plants with yellow variegation such as sansevieria or dieffenbachia.

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