Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Making the right color choices for your bathroom can be intimidating. When it comes time to decide on new colors for bathroom, whether you are remodeling or just redecorating, here are some thoughts to consider.

Begin by looking at the colors in the rest of your home. Find an accent color in your living area or bedroom, for example, and use it in your bathroom. This can create flow from one room to the other.

If you’re unsure of what to use for a dominant color, the best place to get started is your bathroom flooring.  Choose wall colors that will compliment and blend with your flooring.

Next, determine how you want your bathroom to be - relaxing or energizing, trendy or classic. A mostly neutral color scheme can create an atmosphere of serenity and calm. Gray and white can make an  interesting color combination that's calm, but not boring. You can always add visual interest using pattern in details such as veined marble on countertops or wainscoting.

Utilize hues inspired by nature such as seafoam green or robins egg blue in combination to create a softer, more organic feel. These can be combined with other earthy tones.

For a more energetic color scheme, consider invigorating brights. Orange and blue are a stimulating combination and will be less overwhelming when mixed in with calming white in areas such as in the sink, shower and tub. Color can be added with towels and accessories rather than large areas such as wall paint for a less permanent or bold color infusion.

It's important to look at the paint cards and samples you are considering in your bathroom's lighting.  Artificial lighting can change colors drastically. Finally, remember that the most important consideration in your decision is to pick colors that you love.

As the experts in both residential and commercial bathroom furniture and fixtures, DECOLAV can help you change the way you view your bathroom.  Contact us for assistance in adding affordable style and harmony to your bathroom.

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