Celebrate International Bath Day June 14

International Bath Day is a great day to discover another one of the many ways that your bathroom can bring undeniable value to your life. When you have a luxurious, stylish, well-designed and appointed bathroom, you may not want to ever leave it.

Regardless of your budget, every bathroom is worth the effort to make it a more beautiful and more comfortable room. After all, it’s a room where we start and finish each day, preparing, relaxing, and taking a moment to ourselves.

International Bath Day can be celebrated by enjoying a wonderful soak, which recent studies have discovered can significantly improve your mood and your optimism. In addition, there are many other real health benefits both physical and emotional that are being researched and proven regularly.

Start Relaxing Today!

In fact, the temperature of your bath can provide different therapeutic benefits. A hot bath can provide pain relief, block pain sensors, and ease aching muscles. A warm bath can benefit your immune system, helping it to function more efficiently to fight off infections.

After a hard workout when there's increased levels of lactic acid in the bloodstream, a cold bath may be better. Cold water can constrict blood vessels and push lactic acid out from the muscles, improving recovery time. Use International Bath Day as an excuse to unwind.

Additionally, the time when you choose to take a bath can have varied effects. Taking a bath is similar to meditation as brain waves become both relaxed and alert. Taking a bath in the morning can be a great help for creative ideas and solutions. While a warm bath before bedtime can help you get to sleep easier and get a better night's sleep too.

Amazingly, a recent study found that an hour in a hot bath produced anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses similar to an hour of moderate physical activity. Although you may not want to give up your exercise routine in favor of a long, hot bath, these results could prove valuable for those who suffer from metabolic-related health issues such as diabetes.

Steam therapy can also be useful for relieving symptoms of colds and allergies, helping to clear nasal passages, reducing inflammation and fever, while soothing aches and pains simultaneously. Moreover, adding table salt to make a saltwater bath can help to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or lower back pain.

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