Cabana and Beach Bathroom Bliss

Written by Matt Muenster, Host of DIY Network's "Bath Crashers" and "BATHtastic!"

With outdoor living spaces becoming more of a focal point for today’s homeowners, I felt attention should be given to the bathrooms in the great outdoors. Cabanas and beach bathrooms need our support too! In this blog, I will offer some ideas helping you with some of your outdoor bathroom designs. Let’s dive in!

If you live near an ocean or some other body of water and have a cabana or beach house bathroom, think of the coastal elements you might find. Color schemes may include shades of coconut, eggshell foam, and linen for the pale whites. These tend to be fresh, subdued hues. Mix these with chrome, titanium, and silver for accents such as your faucets or towel bars. The Brockston® from the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection ties in all of these elements to provide the perfect coastal feel with a touch of masculinity, especially with the addition of the Brockston® illuminated mirror.  Splashes of dolphin gray or mermaid blues can turn this space from function to fun just by combining the right colors.

Don’t be intimidated by mixing materials such as tile and wood. If you think the contrast would be too much, then consider mixing and matching the same colors but differently scaled shapes such as a subway tile and a square tile. Your vanity or lavatory will need to be functional, and most times a simple design can lend a flavor of traditional or contemporary flavor.  Updating with an eclectic eye can be attractive and works well in almost any room. The Kateston® 36-inch Vanity from my collection with DECOLAV® brings minimalist design to a new level. Even though it is simple it stands out with its clean lines and mix of materials.

Use antiques and modern adornments to give interest while keeping the feeling of the great outdoors. You can utilize choose your cabinetry or vanity furniture for storage for items such as beach towels and toiletries especially if you have a backyard with a pool.

If you have a shower or bathtub in this space, consider throwing splashes of driftwood and candles to give it a spa-like atmosphere.

Countertops can be made of a material such as marble, tiles, granite or quartz such as “Silestone" and “Ceasarstone” to name a few.  The Malena® Falls 35-in Quartz Countertop makes a lasting impression when paired with the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection Malena Falls Vanity.

Flooring is important for these areas of the home or establishment. If this is a space near a body of water, safety is of the essence. Select flooring that can be slip and fall free.

These are a few ideas that I hope will help you during your design/build phase. Good luck and don’t forget to check out my entire DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection on DECOLAV’s website.