Brighten Up with Fresh Cut Flowers

To brighten up any bathroom, try adding fresh flowers for an amazingly easy transformation. Although there may not be enough space or natural light for growing plants or flowers, there is nearly always at least a small area on a shelf, by a sink, or on a window ledge for the fresh pop that a container of cut flowers can provide. When space is very limited, a small hanging vase can be suspended from a hook set in the ceiling or a simple container can be wall mounted. For those with more spacious rooms, it's possible to go as big and bold with your arrangements as the area will allow.

Brighten Up Option 1:

The containers used to hold the blooms can be as varied as the many styles and designs that bathrooms may be today. Although a typical mid-sized, flared vase will nearly always work, why limit the creative possibilities? For a rustic bath consider a bark wrapped vase, or one made of natural stone. A romantic room might be accessorized with a pretty antique porcelain container, while a mirrored or metallic one can add instant glamour.

Brighten Up Option 2:

Consider placing a group of clear glass bud vases in varying heights on a small silver or mirrored tray, or add some charm to a child's bathroom with a pottery container they've handmade. The possibilities are endless, so consider any item that can safely hold enough water to keep cut stems fresh.

Brighten Up Option 3:

Feel free to choose favorite flowers, the ones whose hues create a feeling of happiness or those whose scents can relax and transport. Imagine the heady scents of lilac or gardenia, or the romance of roses. For a more masculine touch, consider cut greens, such as palm or fern fronds, bamboo shoots, or elephant ear in a manly container, such as one made from concrete, stone, or a deep, rich hued pottery.

Brighten Up Option 4:

A more monochromatic bathroom, such as an all-white room, might be enhanced by a bold colored bouquet, or can be kept more serene by choosing from a variety of different white flowers like baby's breath, white roses, lilies, hydrangeas or carnations.

Brighten Up Option 5:

Another stunning display can be achieved through the use of different shades of the same color, like lavender or lilac mixed with deep purple statice, which not only lasts for a very long time, but makes a lovely dried bouquet later too. Wildflowers can make a whimsical statement, while tall flowering branches or soft furry pussy willows stems can fill a blank spot. Bring in the sunshine with a bunch of sunflowers.

Brighten Up Option 6:

Celebrate the seasons by filling small gourds or pumpkins with chrysanthemums in the fall, or at Christmas time try mixing white alstroemeria with red berry branches and pine sprigs before wrapping with a bright plaid ribbon. Have fun during the Chinese New Year by using an oriental vase filled with orchids and bamboo.

Brighten Up Option 7:

Match the blooms to the colors in your bathroom or create a bold contrast. Use a color wheel and choose flowers in primary or complimentary shades, but most importantly, enjoy experimenting with all the various looks and moods that fresh cut flowers can bring to the room that is typically used to start and end each day.

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