Black & White Bath: An Instant Classic

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black and white bathroom, monochromatic, instant classic, bathroom design, small bathroom ideas, DIY remodeling, DIY renovationWritten by: Alena Capra

The black & white bath is timeless…although it’s heavily trending right now, I feel like it’s a classic look. In fact, the bath I grew up with in my childhood home, was an all-black & white bath (the other was all powder blue, including the fixtures…not quite as timeless! lol), so I’ve always been exposed to this look, and actually really love it! As a designer, over the past year or so, I have been getting this request from clients for their bathroom remodels. There is something so dramatic about the look of the all black and white room. It’s a color palette that really works in all design styles, from classic traditional, and transitional, to modern.


bathroom design, monochromatic design, small bathroom ideas, modern bathroom, DIY renovation, DIY remodeling Photo credit: Alena Capra Designs, Photographer: Darryl Nobles


Having just attended KBIS in Orlando, I took notice of the prominence of new faucet finishes in matte black, and even more sinks and toilets shown in black. For many years, I hadn’t ordered a black toilet for a project (sinks yes, but toilets NOOOOO!) they had all felt too late ’90’s-early 2000’s. However, once I started designing some all black and white baths, I enjoyed playing up the contrasts against the tile. I now truly love the look of a black sink and toilet against all white tile. In fact, one of my favorite bath designs pictured below, had a black toilet in it, along with a black sink, and matte black faucets.

Black & White Bath: Creating the Look


monochromatic, bathroom design, DIY renovation, DIY remodel, small bathroom ideas, interior design Photo credit: Alena Capra Designs. Photography: Jennifer Reber

There’s been an increasing amount of black and white tile options, everything from wood porcelain, to 3-D looks. Natural stone also works well with this look….Calcutta or statuary marble are perfect compliments in this color scheme too. Sometimes, the look can also be softened up with an addition of some charcoal gray, as shown in this bath.


So Many Choices: Finding the Right Countertop

terazzo, caluctta, Calcutta countertops, bathroom countertop, DIY bathroom remodelPicking countertop options for an all black and white bath would seem like it's simple…but it’s not because there are so many options!! Everything from classic Calcutta marble, to quartz counters ranging from all white to solid black, to some with a combo of the two colors. There are so many fun options to play with. Bold veining in the stone, or even a terrazzo feel, round out some of the cool style options.

The Vanity

wall mount vanity, cityscape, monochromatic, black and white vanity, bathroom design, bathroom remodelWhen choosing some great black and white sink and vanity options for your bath, look no further than DECOLAV! Some of my favorites include the Montallegro console vanity and the Sofia 30 vanity with marble top. For a great black vessel sink option, check out the Incandescence 2806 (round) or 2800 (rectangular). And of course, there are many white vessel sink options, as well as undermount lavs too in a variety of shapes and sizes. I also love the CityScape wall mounted vanity in a charcoal finish with white glass top.

Hope that was enough to get you excited about designing your own black and white bath!  Check back every other Thursday for more posts from the Design Corner! Don’t forget to share some of your favorite black and white baths with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! @decolav @alenacapradesign #instantclassic #monochromatic

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