The Best Holiday Gifts for Those You Love

Choosing the best holiday gift is all about showing the ones you love how much you really care, and a thoughtful gift is the best way to say, "I love and appreciate you". Yet some of the best gifts can't be wrapped. They're the ones that show that you've paid attention to the things that can bring them happiness every day, throughout the year. In fact, the most appreciated gift may just be within their very own space, like a new bathroom.

Although adding a new bathroom that's hers, his, or the children's only, would be both a luxurious and thoughtful gift, there are smaller changes that can make a huge difference when updating a bath to provide a lot more joy for those who use it every day. It likely will only take a moment of reflection to think of a change that would make getting ready easier, or make relaxing more enjoyable.

Consider these items to make your holidays merrier and to provide a better New Year, all year:

Add natural light with a new skylight, or simply upgrade the vanity lighting around the mirror to help him when he's shaving or her when she's putting on makeup.

The extra storage space provided by a new vanity or additional shelving can provide better organization for a clutter-free area.

A new soaking tub can transform a bathroom into a spa, and make sure to provide a ledge to hold some candles and bath salts.

Expanding a shower to make it more spacious, switching to shower doors that are easier to clean, providing shower seating, or even just changing to a rainfall showerhead can all make shower time a treat.

When it's cold outside, nothing says I love you more than heated flooring or towel warmers.

A room with a view can change your perspective. Add a window with a scenic sight, or just a strategically placed new mirror.

Partition the toilet separately for additional privacy and efficiency.

You may just find, that all they want for the holidays are a place to soak after a long day, plenty of counter space and great lighting.

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