The Best Father's Day Gift is the One He Can Enjoy All Year

Father's Day is a wonderful celebration honoring our Dads and the positive influence they are in our lives. For being a lifelong provider of our needs, protecting us, creating amazing memories, and for simply the joy of his warm hug, our Dads deserve a special time to be appreciated for all they do. Get him the best father's day gift money can buy.

For most fathers, balancing the needs of their children can be daunting at times, keeping Dads busy with a lot of obligations and little time for themselves. However, in order to be the best for their families, fathers need a time and place to invest in their own health and well-being, as self-care is critical to the enjoyment and success of parenting.

A father's bathroom sets the tone for both the open and close of his day. It's an important space where he should feel comfortable and at his best, and when designed properly, should be both handsome and functional. Regardless of his style choices, whether it's industrial, modern, minimalist, retro, or Zen, it should always look amazing.

There are many ways to make a bathroom manly. A black and white color scheme, or black and gray combined, are classically masculine. However, strong, dark colors can create drama and be a terrific background for a neutral vanity and shower. A vanity of dark wood against a dark blue or deep green accent wall can add an outdoorsy and masculine feel, and the wood cabinets add a touch of warmth in an otherwise dark environment.

Industrial elements can make any bathroom more masculine. For an industrial touch, consider sleek cabinets, chrome fixtures and technological items including a wall-mounted flat screen tv, and use construction materials such as corrugated steel or concrete for the walls.

Well-organized bathroom storage is just as important for a man's bathroom as it is for a woman's. Fill shelves with rich, dark towels and dark-hued bathroom accessories for a masculine look. Then, add a polished finish with framed wall art to complement his style, for example, geometrics for modern, or vintage for a club room feel.

Whatever his style, DECOLAV can help you achieve the look with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

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