Bathroom Spring Cleaning : 7 Quick and Easy Steps

bathroom spring cleaningAlthough you may not look forward to cleaning your bathroom, spring's bright sunny days and fresh air make everyone want to start the season with a fresh, thoroughly clean room. Even if cleaning it is never entirely effortless or enjoyable, it can be made simple and less overwhelming with a few organized steps to follow, and the pleasure and satisfaction you'll receive afterward will make it all feel worthwhile.

Slip on some gloves to protect your hands, throw open the window to let the fresh air in, and make your bathroom a clean, happy, and functional area. Start your bathroom spring cleaning session with these easy tips. 

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step One:

Gather up the clutter by taking a bag or basket and removing any items covering the surfaces of the room. They can be examined after cleaning to decide whether they should be replaced for usage, stored, or discarded. Removing the clutter can make an instant improvement and allows for easy cleaning.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Two:

Take used towels, bath mats or rugs, and robes directly to the washing machine and start the cycle. They'll be clean and ready to return to the bathroom when you're done cleaning up. If using a shower curtain, take a look to decide if it may need washing or replacing. Alternately, spritz a diluted beach solution on the bottom of the liner to remove any mildew.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Three:

Remove any trash and check to make sure the container is sparkling clean before returning it.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Four:

Squeeze some cleanser or pour a little bleach into the toilet bowl and swish with a brush until clean, making sure to include the area under the rim where mold can collect.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Five:

Clean the tub or shower without kneeling or straining your back by using a clean floor mop and some squirted or sprayed cleanser. Run some water, swish and drain. Finish by using a vinegar and water solution or prepared spray on shower doors and squeegee dry. Then, consider coating with a water repellent to help soap scum, minerals and water sheet away.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Six:

Quickly wipe off sink and countertops with cleanser and then use the same cloth to wipe off the toilet. Sweep off floor with a broom, then use a vinegar and water solution, or other appropriate cleaner on a damp mop.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Step Seven:

A vase of bright flowers or a pretty scented candle can make the room feel more like spring, and swapping towels and mats for pastel colors can add an extra seasonal touch. Finally, enjoy the luxury of a well-deserved soak or luxuriant shower in your sparkling spring-fresh bathroom.

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