Bathroom Safety for the New Year

bathroom safetyNew Year's Resolution: Bathroom Safety

It's almost another new year and many people will be focusing on a healthier lifestyle. Remember, bathroom safety is just as important to everyone's health. One way to achieve those resolutions may not be something that immediately comes to mind. Although everyone wants to feel confident about the safety of their home, a bathroom can be the most dangerous space in the house. It creates inherent risks for personal accidents and injuries. In addition, outdated electrical receptacles and plumbing can also result in damage to the home.

When a bathroom has not been updated in many years, it's vital to consider a bathroom remodel for a safety upgrade. Everyone should take bathroom safety seriously. Here are a few ways to make your bathroom a safer one for you and your family in the New Year.

Tips for Bathroom Safety:
  • Install anti-scald faucets to protect you and your children from burns. Additionally, choose faucets with lever handles that are much easier to use, particularly for children, older people and those with disabilities.
  • Make sure showers, tubs, and all steps or platforms leading to them have non-slip surfaces.
  • Replace non-tempered glass in any windows or doors that are near a tub or shower, which can cause serious injury if someone slips.
  • Install bright lights around the tub and shower so water on the floor will be easier to see. Additionally, ensure the lighting fixtures are designed to be used in high-moisture areas. Also, adding grab bars beside the shower, tub and toilet can help prevent falls.
  • If necessary, determine that any step stool or bench used by children to reach a bathroom sink is stable and unlikely to tip.
  • Swap electrical outlets and switches to moisture-proof models. Sinks, toilets, tubs and shower can all present water risks. Include GFCI (Ground-fault circuit interrupters) on all electrical outlets in bathrooms to prevent short-circuiting if water is splashed on them.
  • Additionally, add safety latches on bathroom cabinets, which may contain medicine, dietary supplements, or potentially hazardous chemicals and cleaning products. These should be installed even in a bathroom, which the children don't customarily use.

If one of your new year's resolutions includes health and safety, a bathroom remodel might be a wise and timely investment. DECOLAV wants to wish you and your family a safe and healthy New Year. If you would like more information on how DECOLAV can help you have a safer bathroom, please visit today or call us at 866-DECOLAV (332-6528).