Bathroom Renovation Trends 2018

2018 is here, and some of you may be thinking of doing renovations in your house. Some of you may think of changing the paint color in your living room or changing tables and chairs in your dining room. Also, some of you may think of giving you bathrooms a new look. Who wouldn’t want to take a shower in a fresher looking bathroom? But before you start making any plans, take a look and feast your eyes on some of the latest trends in bathroom renovations. 

Bathroom Renovation Trends #1: Wood 

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You can integrate wood into your bathroom by replacing your fixtures with new ones made out of wood.
For example, you can replace your wash basin with a whitewashed wooden one. You can also recreate Finnish steam rooms by replacing your floor tiles with a hardwood floor, placing a wooden bench in your shower, and adding a steam system and dim light to complete the feel. 

Bathroom Renovation Trends #2: Storage

You can place cabinets below your sink, and shelves above it. In your new storage, you can place your towels, soaps, shampoo, or cleaning materials. You can also put drawers on both sides of your sink, an area where you can store your makeup, combs, or your first aid kit. Cabinets on either side of the sink can also be a practical choice; it can be where you'll be able to store your unused clothes or shoes.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #3: Bigger and Bigger Looking

 You can make your bathroom bigger by using up space of another room. For example, if your bathroom is beside an unused closet, you can utilize that room. If you don’t have an extra space but still want a bigger looking bathroom, you can replace your small tiles with bigger ones, or you can place mirrors as big as your walls. Doing either of these will give the illusion of more space.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #4: More Practical Showers

You can choose to have an Italian shower installed in your bathroom. It has a minimalist feel and transparency because they've made it out of glass. Having a bench where you can sit and a steam system can also be an excellent addition to your shower. You can also have carved up walls, spaces which are big enough to hold your shampoo and soaps. If you buy your groceries in bulk, you can have soap and gel distributors, to save up space and be eco-friendly.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #5: Touch of Originality

 Instead of going the traditional way of designing your bathroom, you can play with it. You can

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choose to forego the colors white, grey and earth colors, and go for shocking pink or bright yellow. And instead of using tiles or marble, you can have wood cut into small pieces, installed on your floor, and covered with lamination. Wallpaper is also now welcome in the bathroom, so you can choose a print that you like and install it on your bathroom walls.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #6: Industrial Look

 You can achieve the industrial look by embracing the imperfection of your piping system. Embolden your pipes by painting them with copper like colors. You can also heighten the industrial feel by using a metal bathtub and washbasin. You can have bricks installed on your walls. And to complete the look, have your floors made up of waxed concrete and finish it rustic wooden pieces of furniture.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #7: Marble, Quartz, and Ceramics

If you want to use ceramics in your bathroom, you can choose among its different looks. You can pick geometric patterns, which would give your bathroom a modern feel. You can select a multi-colored design, making it look more playful than an ordinary design. Patchwork patterns can also give your bathroom a homey feeling. If ceramics are not your style, you can also work with natural stones such as marble and quartz.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #8: Technology

Your showers can be ‘techie’ by having motion detectors and temperature regulators in them. If that doesn’t satisfy you, have a touch screen smart mirror, where you can control the lighting and check the weather. And if it’s too cold, have a radiator installed above your bathtub. These innovations can be pricey, but you can also be ‘techie’ in your bathroom by adding small features such LED lighting on your mirrors.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #9: Break the Monotony

You can never place your toilet, sink, bathroom or shower somewhere else in your bath unless, of course, you’re willing to spend that much on your bathroom renovations. However, you can move your cabinets, racks, shelves, and other furniture somewhere else. You can even add a TV rack, place your old on your TV there, and watch TV while soaking yourself in the bathtub. If you have one, you can also put your old battery operated the radio in the bathroom, so you can listen to music and sing in the shower.


Bathroom Renovation Trends #10: Relaxation

If you want to feel relaxed in your bathroom, you can opt to have an island bath installed. Island baths come in different sizes and shapes so that they can be placed even in the middle of your bathroom. Plus, you can turn off the lights and have waterproof candles in your bathroom. Add some of the best speakers and feel at peace when you listen to soothing music. Lastly, you can add aromatherapy diffuser in your bathroom, and play with the scent of your choice.

Contrary to what most people think, the options of how your bathroom will look are limitless. Bathrooms have evolved from being just shower, sink, and toilet, to becoming part of your house’s ‘wardrobe.’ Your bathroom is one of the essential elements of your home, so never chain yourself to a dull bathroom renovation. Learn to explore the possibilities. All you need is to expand your imagination, inspire yourself with anything that makes you feel happy, plan wisely, ready your budget and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. 


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