Bathroom Remodels Your Interior Designer Would Love


Today’s bathroom, living space has become more in-depth than the powder rooms of yesteryear. They are becoming bigger allowing the element of surprise to be present in the room meant for privacy. Spa like décor and ambience has become more sought after and in this blog, we highlight some designs that any interior decorator would fall in love with. So if you’re ready to take a DECOLAV tour, then let’s go.

Let’s start with the vanity. This cabinet used to be a place for storage. We’re sure many families used its many drawers and cupboards, as space for a hodge-podge of face creams, lotions and hair gadgets. A bunch of stuff, stuff, stuff just thrown about with little to no organization. If this sounds familiar to you, then continue reading.

Rather than having a full size vanity as a ‘catch all’ for your toiletries, these cabinets have become more minimal in styling over the years. Newer designs for this bathroom feature have become more of a focal point. This furniture can either be open at the bottom, creating more open floorplans, or have more storage solutions under a smaller cabinet for organizing.

Pedestal sinks, vessel sinks and trough sinks are replacing the big bulky dresser styles. These pieces don’t show ugly pipes and PVC, rather a clean open area is exposed and the plumbing underneath is just as sharp as the rest of the ensemble.

If you’re more apt to wanting some type of cabinet storage underneath the vanity, select one with shelving and drawers that help keep bathroom products neat and clean. Vanity solutions include antique and collector’s cabinets or space organizers.

Another big change for interior design over the past decade, is construction of sinks and basins. The scoop bowls shaped like seashells have been replaced with a more contemporary selection. Even with a more eclectic style, contemporary countertops have been a welcomed addition to the water closet. Old world European designs are complimented with the right countertop and we’re seeing a lot of remodels leaning toward a more lavish appeal.

Speaking of splendor, artwork in a bathroom can be tricky. Things like humidity and hairspray found in this room can destroy fine paintings and wallpaper. Any room without a picture or sculpture to stare at can be pretty dull. The solution: Try using mirrors that are more ornate. Staring back at oneself happens in just about any bathroom. From bold frames to no frames, we’re finding a lot of creativity with this decorative, but necessary item.

Fireplaces and water fountains have made a big impression on homeowners in luxury markets. Adding these elements is a trending request of builders and contractors alike. Why not, it’s a great place to soak in a tub while staring at a roaring fire or listening to the sounds of gentle flowing water. No matter if it’s fire or water, adding natural elements to this space is a huge design option that’s much desired with today’s design-build.

The master bathroom is oftentimes a place of relaxation and convenience. Generally located near the dressing rooms, this space is being constructed with more shelves, closets and storage units separate from the vanity. Now a place for couches and chairs and sometimes a fountain or two, these designs require more during planning. That being said, most design professionals are looking for ways to make their clients feel pampered and special even in the washroom. After all, It’s the space they spend a lot of time on, why not make it perfect?

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