Bathroom Remodeling: 5 Common Misconceptions

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bathroom renovation, bathroom remodeling, misconceptions of remodeling Bathroom remodeling can seem overwhelming at first…Whether you’re tackling the remodel yourself, or you’re hiring someone to do the work for you, there are several essential items to help make right decisions. Similarly, there are a few misconceptions that we often hear when it comes to bathroom remodeling. In this week’s blog, we reveal five common misconceptions about bathroom remodeling that you need to know, to ensure your job goes smoothly.

Bathroom Remodeling Misconception #1: Buy Before You’ve Planned Out the Project to Get a Head Start

Many people assume they should take a trip to the local hardware store and start shopping before they even have a plan in place. While this may seem logical, in most cases it’s best to have a meeting with your contractor and/or bathroom designer first to ensure the materials you are selecting will work with the remodel. They’re the experts, and should be able to offer you good direction when it comes to ordering and labor. The last thing you’ll want to do is order something like a bathroom vanity, where you will have to pay a restocking fee if it doesn’t work out.  Those fees add up fast, sometimes they can be as much as 25% of the product price! Window shopping, and browsing are a good thing to do before hand, so you can get ideas of what you like and don’t like…but don’t actually purchase until you’ve planned out the space. If you absolutely must purchase items before hand, (sometimes we all love an impulse buy!) make sure its from a store or website with a good return policy.

Bathroom Remodeling Misconception #2: Shop for the least expensive materials and clearance items

Remodeling can get expensive… We all want to save when we can, by purchasing close outs, or clearance items. In many cases, this is a great idea. However, as the old saying goes “Cheap ain’t good and good ain’t cheap.” The budget you may save now, could cost you later. When purchasing clearance items, try to be mindful of a few things…. Sometimes they are “final sale,” so you could end up being stuck with it in the event you change your mind, or it doesn’t work. Closeouts on tile are a gamble too—if you are buying a remaining amount left in stock, remember that may be all they have left. If you need even 2  more square feet during the install, you will be out of luck. Not a good position to be in. Try to stay away from items in “limited stock” unless you are absolutely certain! Be sure to look for things that come with a warranty, as this is essential. Do your due to diligence, and make sure the items you select will work, and not come back later to give you grief.

Bathroom Remodeling Misconception #3: DIY can save you money

Doing a job yourself can save money… IF, you have experience when it comes to things like plumbing, and installing tile. However, without proper experience, wiring and relocating plumbing can be both tricky, and possibly dangerous. Be sure to hire someone who is qualified to do the job right the first time around. Working with licensed trades is crucial to ensure everything is done to code in a project. Don’t take on the job if you’re unsure of the final results. It may be best to save the DIY stuff for the more forgiving parts of the remodel, such as painting.

Bathroom Remodeling Misconception #4: If an Installer’s recommendation is good, then that’s all you need to know

If you’re like most folks out there, you probably have asked around for referrals for installers for your remodeling project. This is a smart thing to do--- however—you should investigate a little further. Not everyone’s idea of good, is the same. I always encourage people to ask to see the work of any professional they are hiring. Whether it’s visiting a past project, or viewing their website photos, it should absolutely be done.

Bathroom Remodeling Misconception #5: I can avoid ADA compliance because we are a small business

Lastly, this is for the entrepreneurs and small business owners who are renovating their shop bathroom. Whether it’s a restaurant, gift shop or boutique hotel, you need to understand the laws when it comes to accommodating those with disabilities. Most businesses, if not all, need to have an ADA compliant bathroom when serving the public. If you’re unsure of what the specification are, visit for more details. There are requirements for grab bars, fixture heights, overall size of the room, etc.  All of these things are very important. Product specifications will have the ADA logo marked on them if they are compliant—this goes for toilets, sinks, faucets, etc. Hiring an experienced bathroom designer can really help in this undertaking.

In conclusion, the bottom line of remodeling is this: If you take the time out to do your homework, you can avoid some costly mistakes. Being prepared will save you headaches, and big bills later on. Always consider working with a design professional, to help make the process more streamlined and efficient.

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