What Is Your Bathroom Personality?

Bathroom personalityHow you choose to design or decorate your bathroom may show who you are or how you wish others to see you. Whether the design is sophisticated and elegant, artsy, or clean and simple, it will likely reflect quite a bit about your bathroom personality. Are you a thinker, royal, modernist, artist, adventurer or a sensible one? Read more to find out.

Bathroom Personality: The Thinker

An uncluttered, white bathroom may indicate someone who is meticulous, sensible, and well organized. This is often someone who highly values function and efficiency. Although a minimalist look may be important to you, consider adding just a touch of color or a décor items or two that will add warmth and help the room show more personality.

Bathroom Personality: The Royal

Those who prefer luxury may express it through rich colors, high-end finishes, and often upgraded features. Having the finer things in life and pampering appeals to you and you may feel having them is the reward you deserve. However, try to keep the room from being too serious by adding some whimsical art or an unexpected design element.

Bathroom Personality: The Modernist

Those who are straightforward and down to earth often favor industrial design, featuring concrete and steel. Yet they dare to challenge the status quo in favor of creating function with style. You can keep the room from looking and feeling too cold by adding soft, thick towels and rugs.

Bathroom Personality: The Artist

Bold color, patterns, or design may indicate the desire for inspiration, imagination, and individuality.  Although vibrant colors can be exciting, remember that textures can also add visual stimulation. Try texturized wall finishes, rough wood cabinetry or any of a wide variety of other options.

Bathroom Personality: The Adventurer

An eclectic room tells a story. The person who chooses each piece for its own value and beauty is typically intriguing and adventuresome. However, flow is vital in every tale, so it may be important to consider ways to weave diverse pieces into a harmonious whole.

Bathroom Personality: The Sensible One

Neutrals and grays are known for their simple elegance and the person who is drawn to them may be noted for this too. Reserved, understated and timeless are the features that are sought, but it's a fine line that requires attention to detail in order to avoid becoming drab. Liven a simple palette with elegant sparkling finishes, such as mirrors or crystal. Then make sure to add an oversized bouquet of fresh flowers to add brightness and color.

With so many exciting looks available today, there's sure to be one that fits your personality and style. Seeking professional advice gives you fresh new ideas and may help you successfully attain the look you choose.

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