Bathroom Layout Planning

There are many things to consider when doing your bathroom layout planning, ranging from the simple questions of who will use it, to more complex matters such as code requirements. Often the easiest place to begin is by making lists of possible features, and prioritizing them by designating each as either must haves, wish list, and so forth. If more than one person will share the room, each should make a list for comparison and negotiation.

Budget for Your Bathroom Layout Planning

Of course, the bathroom layout planning will be largely determined by the restrictions of budget and space. One way to help keep the budget more in line is by keeping the plumbing for the new bathroom either directly next to, above or below the existing plumbing.

Size of Current Space

Thinking about the size of the space may narrow some options immediately. For example, a separate privacy enclosure for the toilet may require precious square footage or make the room feel too small. However, with the availability of more space, it may be the perfect solution to allow more than one person access while still ensuring privacy.

Think of Functionality for Your Bathroom Layout Planning

Spend a little time contemplating how the room will be used, such as a couple's bathroom where both might be getting ready at the same time. Double sinks could make a big difference in the efficiency of that time each day. Additionally, a double vanity allows each person to have separate storage for their grooming and personal hygiene products.

When it comes to tubs and showers, most people have an idea of what they would like. Those who love to soak will want a tub and there's no point in wasting space for people who won't use one. In addition, consider whether this will be a home where aging in place is the plan. For those who are older or have a disability, a barrier-free shower area that can be used with a walker or wheelchair, or that has enough space for another person to assist might be desirable.

Placement is Key in Your Bathroom Layout Planning

Placement is also an important consideration when planning. For example, a sink should be closest to the door to provide the easiest access, and adequate clear floor space between the fixtures is a must. Furthermore, all entry and fixture doors must be able to open and close without interfering with each other or the fixtures.

Storage Space is a Must

Last, but certainly not least, is providing for convenient and adequate storage and proper lighting. It's important to ensure that each functional area has plenty of light, and that wet areas like the shower or tub have fixtures suitable to those locations.

Finally, consulting with a trusted professional can help you determine the feasibility and cost of your plan. DECOLAV can help you achieve the room you want with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

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