Bathroom Design Trends for the New Year

There are many different styles of bathroom design trends for this upcoming year including modern, contemporary, rustic, and classic to name a few. Yet today's finest bathrooms are show-stopping pieces of art, while affording perfect functionality. These innovative bathrooms draw inspiration from the wide variety of styles available, but are designed and defined by you for a one of a kind look. They mix and match for maximum impact while maintaining harmony and flow.

This year, thoughtful colors, varied textures, and fun accessories provide a bohemian touch to the strict styling of previous years. Technology, luxury, and nature all combine with fantastic results. Diversity is key and both the contrasting and complimentary meet to provide a look that is both original and provides interest.

DECOLAV Ambre 1453 DECOLAV's Ambre 1453-CWH

Mixing materials is at the top of list, combining the organic with the high tech. Sea pebbles and bright metals, or bamboo with concrete provides relief from the sameness and sterility of bathrooms from past years.

Colors go luxe with rich jewel tones such as burgundy or emerald contrasted with stark industrial fixtures. Cool whites pop from bright splashes of summery citrus shades and black mixes with violet or celery green hues rather than traditional white.

Patterns follow suit with traditional ones found in modern colors. Geometric tiles and exciting wallpapers go outside the box. Varying tile sizes add subtle visual interest, while mosaics, polka dots, and other patterns are found mixed in monochromatic schemes for a sophisticated, but unstuffy look.

Shapes also contrast featuring a variety of ovals, cubes, rectangles, and circles. Movement and flow are achieved through a combination of floating fixtures and cascading sinks and tubs. The modern is mixed with old-style such as a contemporary lighting fixture suspended above a traditional soaking tub.

This year's fresh new take on bathroom design trends can allow you to design a room that is uniquely yours. It's a great year to experiment with a new style identity. However, to maintain harmony and cohesion, expert advice can be invaluable.

DECOLAV can help you achieve the bathroom you want with our quality styling and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

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