Bathroom Mistakes are Avoidable

How a bathroom functions is the best indicator of great design, and one that looks terrific, but doesn't work well is certainly problematic. Therefore, a well-designed bath is efficient, easy to maintain, cost effective to implement, and beautiful too. Read our blog below to avoid these bathroom mistakes homeowners’ always regret not thinking about before starting.

It is always advantageous to examine the errors that others have previously made, before carefully choosing a design. Below are three common avoidable bathroom mistakes:

Bathroom Mistake #1:

Lack of Ventilation, Air Circulation, and Natural Light

Ideally every bathroom would have an outside window with a terrific view and plenty of light. Yet not everyone has the ability to place their bathroom on an outside wall with windows. Nonetheless, proper ventilation is a requirement to prevent moisture accumulation that can cause mildew and deterioration. Therefore, installing a good fan is one solution, or placing an operable or hinged skylight to let in natural light and provide ventilation when a window is unavailable is another. After all, many bathroom activities such as applying makeup or shaving require good light to be done well. In addition, fixing a large mirror over the vanity can help reflect light.

Bathroom Mistake #2:

Inadequate Storage

Regardless of the whether a room is small or large, storage is critical. Sufficient storage means there is a place for all the essentials, including personal grooming products, styling tools, linens, medications, and more. Lack of storage may result in endless clutter that can ruin a sleek look, in addition to costing extra get-ready time and clean up duration too.

Bathroom Mistake #3:

Insufficient Consideration of Style, Future Use and Size Limitations

A bathroom should always be in harmony with the style and architecture of the entire home. Although, there may be opportunities for bolder touches, the style should be an extension of the rest of the home. It is equally important to examine not only the room's current needs, but its projected ones, such as a growing family or aging household. Contemplate items like a curbless or barrier-free shower for greater ease of use. Finally, remember to maximize your space, but avoid overcrowding.

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