Add Resale Value: Adding a Bathroom or Remodeling

The Goal: Add Resale Value & Be Happier

When deciding to update a current bathroom or add an extra bathroom, resale value is only one of the considerations. A new or remodeled bathroom can not only help you sell your home when it's time, but can enhance your life with convenience, comfort, and style while you're living in it. Add resale value to your home and be happier until the sale happens!

Thinking like the Prospective Buyers

Typically, bathrooms are one of the most important features for prospective buyers. Buyers often seek a home that has about the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms, or minimally a master bathroom, family bath, and half bathroom for guests. Additionally, many buyers don’t want to have to put a lot of work into the home that they're purchasing and insufficient or outdated bathrooms require considerable effort.

Return on your Investment

In fact, 2016 national averages demonstrate that a mid-range bathroom addition recouped 56.2%, and a mid-range bathroom remodel 65.7%. These numbers indicate some of the highest return on investment among home improvement projects.

Now You’ve Made Your Choice

Once you've determined that adding or remodeling a bathroom is desirable, it's important to explore not only the best factors for return on investment, but also current needs and budget, as the cost of a new bathroom or remodel can vary widely.

Design Elements

If the plumbing and electrical are in good shape, the focus can then be mainly upon the visual such as attractive tile, updated fixtures or cabinets, and colors. When choosing colors, neutrals allow buyers to use their imagination to add their own style touches. Importantly, the design should be cohesive with the rest of the house.

The Easy Way Out

Sometimes, simply applying new paint, adding a new toilet or sink, or a brighter, updated lighting fixture can provide the fresh look that's needed. Look for easy changes that can help the room to be both more stylish and functional.

Through careful consideration and expert advice, you can enjoy the pleasure of an updated or additional bathroom until the time when you may decide to sell your home. DECOLAV can help you find harmony with the style you desire, created with our expert craftsmanship.

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