9 Smart Spots to Find Space for an Added Bathroom

If you're like many people, you may wish that you had another bathroom in your home. Although you may be dreaming of having an additional one for the use of your guests, an extra one for your children, or simply a private bath for yourself, you may believe that you don't have the extra space to add one.

In actuality, it can be surprising how little space is really required, depending on your needs and desires. A bathroom, which contains only a sink and toilet, sometimes known as a half-bath, needs only an area of 3 feet by 5 feet. In order to accommodate a shower, 3 feet by 8 feet is enough. It may not be spacious, but it can be functional.

When planning an added bathroom, it's good to keep in mind that to reduce the expense for plumbing, it's best if you can place the new fixtures near existing water and waste lines. Little tricks such as pocket doors can reduce the space needed for door swing, and a good ventilation fan can allow for an interior room without windows. In some cases, a skylight can be installed in order for natural light to enter the bath.

You may be able to immediately think of a great place for your new bathroom, now that you realize just how little square footage it takes. If not, here are some terrific tips on where to look to find the space you'll need.

  • Pantry – Extra shelving may be added in the kitchen to free up this extra space for your valuable bathroom addition.
  • Walk-in closet – This could be a logical conversion, either attached to a bedroom or even a coat or utility closet off a living area.
  • Attic – Make certain you have the required height if you plan to install a shower, otherwise a bathtub may a better solution.
  • Hallway – The end of a hallway can sometimes have a usable area, which is unneeded.
  • Laundry Room – Converting to a smaller stackable washer and dryer may leave you enough space.
  • Part of another room – Partition off a small section of just about any room.
  • Under the staircase – There is often a surprisingly large amount of wasted space under the stairs. Just make sure once again there's enough height.
  • Splitting one large bathroom – Making one large bathroom into two smaller ones, may be a simple solution.
  • Back-to-back closets – This may provide the needed space when the separation is removed and the area opened.

If your home currently has only one bath, adding a second a bathroom to your home may increase the resale value of your home. Of course, the real value is the one you'll get daily from the use of your extra bathroom. When you want to add quality, durability and beauty to your bathroom addition, DECOLAV offers a variety of affordable styles, materials, and finish options. To find out more, please visit www.DECOLAV.com or call us at 866-DECOLAV (332-6528).