6 Easy Steps to a Glamorous Bathroom

A glamorous bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate rather than simply a place to brush your teeth and shower. You may not need over-the-top luxury, but adding a little sparkle can leave you feeling happy and recharged. There are many designs to choose from that are sophisticated and will be beautifully in tune with the style of your home.

Even if you have a small space, you can have a glam bathroom. In fact, you can pick more dramatic and expensive finishings than you might in a larger room, simply because there is less of it.

There are many ways to add glamour into your bathroom design.  You can do anything from a complete bathroom makeover to just lending your new bathroom a bit of sparkle with some glamorous details. We've put together a few that may make you feel like a Hollywood star:

  • Use metal or glass surfaces which are reflective or high gloss, which can give your bathroom the shine it needs. Just like jewelry, the accessories and details should add sparkle to the room, in a way that heightens without being overpowering.  Sparkling mirrors and glossy tile can give your bathroom a dramatic flair.  Polished metal accessories and fixtures can give your bathroom style.
  • Add beautiful lighting to make a big impact, such as installing flattering illumination around a mirror, or crystal sconces, which can make your bathroom glow. For ultimate luxury, few things say glamour more than chandeliers.
  • Investigate natural materials such as marble and granite, which are always stylish. You can make the look your own by choosing different color schemes like contrasting shades such as black and white, adding bright splashes of color, or even choosing a solid white design.
  • Include a statement piece that will be the focus of the room. Consider a unique mirror or stylish vanity. The Glossy White finish on DECOLAV’s Sophia 60’ Vanity with Bianco Marble Top provides all the glam in one shot
  • If possible, allow natural light and a pleasing view with a window or French doors.
  • Add fluffy bath towels and mats for a pleasant indulgence along with some candles or tea lights on shelves or around the bath.

Glamour may mean old world style or modern elegance, but the key is to aim for classical charm with a little added glitz. Of course, the most important thing is to choose quality products that will make you feel great. DECOLAV offers a variety of styles, materials, and finish options that fit even the most discriminating tastes. Our bathroom furniture collection harmonizes style and expert craftsmanship while still being affordable.

For more inspiration, and to create your own glossy and glamorous bathroom, please visit DECOLAV.com or call us at  866-DECOLAV (332-6528).