3 Ways For More Appealing Lavatories in the Hospitality Industry

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Whether you're someone running a diner in Idaho or asked to contract a job at a hotel chain, there’s one area needing special attention. That would be the room most frequently visited by your guests. Even with its most simplistic approaches the bathroom isn’t just a place for personal hygiene.  On the contrary, you could have a beautiful dining room, where a guest's bad bathroom experience causes a multitude of actions. The word will spread, the bathroom wasn't adequate. Here are 3 ways to make these distinct rooms more appealing and aid to the total experience in a good way.

Carefully consider the washroom area including the lavatory, sink, counter-tops and vanities. The vanity and sink are generally the focal point of a restroom, and the first thing a guest will see. By making a statement, using the finest materials of high quality, allows the perception to be ingrained in a guest's memory. This room is an extension to the rest of the venue. No matter if your venue’s style is contemporary or classic, the bathroom should reflect and extend that appearance. Be sure to have someone with skilled interior design develop a floorplan that will work for you. Include décor that matches the vibe of the property. Include superior hardware, and you'll leave a positive lasting impression.

Next, think about the drains and any plumbing that may be visible to the client. Drains and pipes are important and complete the design for the furniture. In many of today's vanities, the bottom cabinets no longer exist. However, imagine visiting the powder room of an upscale hotel to find the exposed plumbing to be rusty, full of mold or just dirty looking. The guest that just happens to notice, may not think twice about Yelping or leaving a bad review. It’s the little things that count here.

Third in line, is the mirrors. This is the chance to be ultra-creative while carrying out the theme of your design. Many of today’s top interior decorators are leaning toward more simplistic ways of decorating. Mirrors can share a “Minimalist” or “Extravagant” styling and both are useful as well add art to the bathroom. Why not offer a way to display your mirrors in a unique fashion? By using traditional pieces as heirlooms or pairing multiple sizes to one wall are ways to as impress the guest. It’s all in the way you look at it, (no pun) where the design of the mirror leads to lasting impressions.

When dealing with 5-star hotels, to world class restaurants, there’s one area of design that simply can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re doing a complete re-model or building for the first time, the bathroom lavatory is one area that must have attention. That is, if you’re looking for your guests to have that “Wow” factor that is well received.

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