3 Simple Ways to Keep Your New Bathroom Beautiful

After all of your dreaming and planning, you finally have your new bathroom. Now, you're probably wondering how to maintain it so that it remains looking new for many years to come. The good news is that you can, by following just a few quick steps, keep it clutter-free, make cleaning a habit, and do periodic deep cleaning.

1.) Keep it Clutter-Free

Take advantage of your new storage spaces and clear off the counters. DECOLAV’s Aura 48 inch Vanity with Granite Countertop provides ample storage fitting even the most abundant needs.  You'll be able to find items much easier when they're put away, enjoy it more without the clutter, and it will make wiping everything off a matter of just minutes. Also, it's a good idea to skip the bar soap and use a liquid soap or a hands-free dispenser to eliminate the grimy soap dish. Put those hooks or towel bars to use and make sure to hang towels to dry.

2.) Make it a Habit

It only takes a few minutes to do a quick daily cleaning. This will end up saving a lot of time in the long run, keep your bathroom tidy for guests as well as for your family, and prevent long term damage to your new bathroom surfaces.

Choose natural cleansers such as vinegar and water, baking soda, or a gentle commercial cleaning solution. Soap residue and mineral deposits left from evaporating water are best rinsed and wiped away daily from the sink, countertop and shower using a microfiber cloth. This is especially important on glass shower enclosures, which can become irreparable etched by water spots. A vinegar and water solution can also be used to keep your mirror sparkling. Never use detergents, acid, abrasives, harsh cleansers or a cloth with a coarse surface (S.O.S.® Pads, Scotch Brite® Pads) on your bathroom surfaces.

Remember to pour a little vinegar or cleanser in the toilet bowl and run a brush around to prevent stains and buildup.

Dust your wooden vanity and mirror frames, and use only products that are made for wood, avoiding products that apply oily polishes, waxes or silicone. If you're unsure of the effect that your cleaning product may have, try using it on a discrete location such as the inside of a door to test it out.

Keep floors free of hair and dust, and use a fan and natural light sources whenever possible to reduce moisture and increase air circulation.

3.) Do a deeper, periodic cleaning

Clean the showerhead by putting a plastic bag with undiluted vinegar around the showerhead and securing it. Let it sit before cleaning it with a soft cloth and running hot water through it. If you don't have a frameless shower, vinegar can also be used in the metal tracks around the shower door to loosen dirt. Finish up by cleaning grout lines with baking soda. If you already own a DECOLAV product, check out our Cleaning and Care instructions.

DECOLAV makes it simple. Our products are designed for easy care and require minimal attention to keep them looking as new as the day you installed them. For more information, please visit DECOLAV.com, call 866-DECOLAV (332-6528) , or email us at INFO@DECOLAV.COM

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