10 Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Like a Spa


The term “minimalism” seems to be the theme for most of today’s bathrooms. We’re also hearing that many of the clients are requesting a space that is comfortable and cozy to literally wash your cares away. The bathroom should be a place of tranquility and peace and in most cases, designers today are keeping that in mind. Here are 10 tips you can use for creating a more spa-like bathroom you can start today.

  • Use Natural Elements
  • Keep a ‘minimal’ of towels and toiletries on display
  • Add a Sky Light or Use Sensual Lighting
  • Add Teak or Pebble Tile to Shower Floor
  • Paint with Succulent Hues
  • Spa Tubs with Plants
  • Don’t forget the Fire
  • Mirror Magic
  • Keep Clutter Down
  • Create the Mood

A spa is a place generally thought of as a mineral spring that is designed to promote health. That being said, adding a natural element to your design creates a place of calm serenity. Think in terms of adding stones or art made of driftwood, plants and fireplaces will enhance just about any area, making it more ‘Zen-like’.

Rather than displaying every hair product you use, keep those items tucked away some type of storage. Clutter leaves no room for quietude. Display rolled towels and bathrobes on a shelf, instead of folded in the closet or underneath your vanity.

Lighting is important to create the ambience. It’s also important for applying make-up and hygiene. One solution you could come up with is to do these activities in a separate bathroom with more light, leaving your spa bathroom for quiet moments. You can also add skylights that would involve construction, but is well worth the money and time to install. The third idea here is to add soft alluring light with bulbs that allow for adjustment.

Teak, pebbles, rocks, and wood are all included in that natural element. These surfaces and textures make a dramatic statement that is still serene. Consider adding this type of material to your tub, shower, flooring and anywhere you want to feel calmness.

If you have outdated paint and want to create a spa bathroom, don’t use dark or bright colors. Succulent hues such as soft grays, pewters and sand are much more alluring than a dark chocolate brown. Remember, you’re making a room to feel at peace. Bright pinks that were popular with Shabby Chic styles are best kept in a bedroom, not your spa room.

A garden tub with jets or a whirlpool tub is an excellent choice to add to the floor plan. If you have selected this type of tub, then decorate with plants, stones, shells and natural mists of dry flowers. This is a room meant as a retreat, so try placing fresh and well-manicured plants around the rim.

Another element not to forget and that is oftentimes the only thing needed for your washroom, is that of fire. Many of today’s newer designs include a fireplace embedded in the wall or elsewhere in the bathroom. If you don’t have room for that consider wall hanging fire places or a lot of candles. There’s just something about soaking while watching the flames dance a flicker that makes the bathroom special.

Create magic with your mirrors by stringing vines around it or placing a soft light that can bounce off the reflection. Be sure to add glass that is ideal for steam. Your mirror should complement the theme and not over power anything inside.

Keep clutter to a minimum by looking for storage solutions. Look for bathroom cabinets with drawers and shelving to make the room appear free of muddle and chaos.

Create the mood with appropriate music selected from surround sound speakers. Before you know it, you’ll have spent hours free of stress, striving for rest and relaxation.

These are just a few of the many tips and tricks we have for you at DECOLAV. Be sure to contact us at 888.DECOLAV (332.6528) for more information regarding your restroom designs.

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