• It’s Peak Wedding Season and Time to Think about Your Newlywed Bathroom

    Married couples may share nearly everything, but sharing bathroom space can present challenges. Like a great marriage, when it’s right, everything is beautiful, works well, and is something you both can enjoy every day. Whether you’re considering renovating an existing bathroom, designing a new one, or simply making some small updates, we have helpful tips to make your bright future together even more harmonious. Peak wedding season is a great time to remodel your bathroom. Continue reading

  • 5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

    Thinking about updating your old, outdated bathroom can be truly exciting. However, changes that seem easy to you may require more work than you imagine. Conversely, issues that you’ve been suffering with for years may be easily remedied with simple alternative solutions that may have been overlooked. Therefore, take a look at our top five bathroom remodeling errors to make your update a happy success.

    Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes # 1

    Impractical Design - When you fall in love with a particular style it can be easy to ignore how well-suited it may be for your home, your lifestyle, or your budget.  Therefore, it’s important to work keeping in mind what you have and what you need, or risk ending up with a cramped or Continue reading

  • The Comfort of Your Bathroom

    Comfort has been defined as a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. Feeling like there’s a safe, cozy, warm and relaxing place waiting for us after a long day is one of our most important values. Hildegard Peplau, known as the mother of psychiatric nursing, regarded comfort as a fundamental human need. If so, perhaps it’s time to examine the importance of comfort of your bathroom.

    The personal environment has been demonstrated to have a significant effect on well-being. Therefore, it’s key to put some consideration into designing and decorating your bathroom to make it your own space, personal and unique to your own style. Continue reading

  • Aging in Place or Planning for Special Needs Bathroom Remodels

    It's important to plan for your future comfort and safety. If you intend to remain in your current home when you retire, it may be wise to consider making the changes you'll need to make to your bathroom while you're still working, rather than waiting until you retire.

    In order to have an effective plan, the possibility of limited mobility or sight should be taken into account. As family members age they may need the use of a wheelchair or walker. In fact, the latest studies report that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. has a disability, the most common being mobility limitation.

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    Continue reading

  • Hurricane Preparedness: Your Bathroom May Be Your Best Spot to Ride Out a Hurricane

    In the Atlantic, hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th and the Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and ends November 30th. Powerful tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can batter homes with heavy rains, strong winds and surging waves and anyone who lives in an area that may be affected must be prepared.

    Hurricanes can and often do spark tornadoes along their paths. Although hurricanes and tornadoes are generally thought of as separate phenomena, most hurricanes that make landfall do spawn tornadoes. Knowing what to do and preparing for a major storm is vital, and finding a safe location to shelter in place during severe weather is crucial. Continue reading

  • Bored with Your Bathroom? Liven It Up with These Easy Tips!

    Your bathroom is a place to rejuvenate, not simply a place to brush your teeth and shower. If you’re tired of the same old look of your bathroom, it may be time to add a little oomph to help you leave your bathroom feeling happy and recharged.

    There are many small to large changes that can enliven your space while staying beautifully in tune with the style of your home. You can do anything from a complete bathroom makeover to simply lending your new bathroom a bit of sparkle with some new details. Continue reading

  • 5 Steps to Easy Bathroom Remodeling

    Cover Image: 1597T-WH Miami

    Are you considering updating your bathroom this year? If so, then now is the time to start planning. The good news is that a midrange bathroom remodeling returns over seventy percent of its cost according to Remodeling Magazine's 2018 Cost Vs. Value Report. More importantly, this is a great opportunity to improve the livability of your home and customize or add features that will increase your joy and your pride in your home. Read the rest f our blog to find out the 5 steps to easy bathroom remodeling.

    However, bathroom remodeling typically takes a considerable amount of research, preparation, and decision making, so we’ve put together five easy steps for you to follow to make the process more streamlined. Continue reading

  • Preparing for Holiday Guests

    With the arrival of spring comes the Easter and Passover holidays, along with the opportunity to update and refresh your bathroom before guests arrive. Ensure your room is clean and freshly decorated, then let the season’s light brighten the area. Preparing for holiday guests is essential when welcoming people into your home.

    Throw open the shades or curtains and allow both natural and indoor light to illuminate the space if possible. An easy way for preparing for holiday guests is to ensure light fixtures are clean and bulbs are bright. Then, consider a swipe of fresh paint to revitalize the room, making it feel clean and airy. Continue reading

  • Increase Rental Property Value

    Everyone who has invested their hard-earned money in real estate wants to increase rental property value, to expand their rental income, lower their maintenance requests, and ensure their tenants’ comfort and happiness. Updating the bathroom is one of the very best ways to achieve the goal to increase rental property value.

    In fact, numerous studies indicate that the return on investment for bathroom renovations is typically as high as 70-80%, which is certainly a significant factor to consider. However, you won’t have to wait until you sell in order to see returns, as bathroom improvements can be depreciable expenses against rental income at tax time. Continue reading

  • Going Green: Tips for an Eco-friendly Bathroom

    This St Patty’s Day is the perfect time to think about going green! Making your home eco-friendlier is not only good for the planet, but it’s also better for your health. Moreover, it’s becoming increasingly vital to do so. Producing fresh water and electricity takes energy and reducing energy and water consumption are at the very core of caring for the environment and going green.

    Additionally, taking small steps to consume less and using products that will cause minimal harm can make a big impact. Making simple changes such as using energy efficient products, natural cleaners and toiletries can also reduce the burden.

    In fact, the bathroom is one spot in the home where water and electrical use can easily be reduced, and toxic chemicals can be replaced with more natural solutions.  Here are our simple tips to going greener in your bathroom: Continue reading

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